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March against Monsanto: World rallies in protest

March against Monsanto: World rallies in protest

The third annual ‘March against Monsanto’ protest is taking place in cities around the world. Activists are highlighting the monopoly the GMO giant has in controlling food supply. Protesters say Monsanto controls 90 percent of the seed market in the US

The Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon and Poribesh Bachao Andolon are leading the event, which included a human chain being formed around the faculty of fine arts at Dhaka University in the country’s capital.

In 2013, Bangladesh became the first country in South Asia to allow the cultivation of the genetically modified Bt Brinjal, despite the indefinite moratorium imposed on its cultivation in India and a ban on its field trials in Philippines, the Dhaka Tribune reports.

Perhaps the biggest loser of Monsanto’s products has been the monarch butterfly, which has almost been wiped out because of the herbicides made by the bio-tech giant, which target milkweed – its primary food source. The US Fish and Wildlife Service announced in February that around 970 million butterflies or 90 percent of the population have vanished across the US since 1990.


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