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Lesbian student kills lover who wore sweats


Lesbian student kills lover who wore sweats
‘I made the most horrible decision to cover it all up to hide it’

A former Virginia Tech student has been sentenced to 45 years in prison for the 2014 murder of a lesbian lover, whom she brutally strangled after the victim wrote their sexual dalliance off as an “experiment.”

Jessica Michelle Ewing, 24, testified at her sentencing hearing Monday of the evening leading up to the murder of 21-year-old biology student Samantha Shrestha.

Ewing started the night with high hopes–wearing a dress and bringing along wine and whipped cream – while Shrestha wore sweats and a t-shirt.

Ewing herself took the stand to explain what happened the night of Feb. 7, 2014, while she and Shrestha, 21, were enjoying a “date night.”

According to Ewing, the two met in the fall of 2013 and struck up conversations as they were waiting for their classes, according to a report by the Roanoke Times of Roanoke, Virginia.

Ewing walked the court through every detail of the night in question, saying the two had planned a date night at Shrestha’s apartment, where they would cook dinner and hang out, the Times reported. But the date quickly went awry.

Ewing, who had spent hours getting ready for their “date,” was “disappointed” when she showed up wearing a dress with whipped cream and wine in hand, to find Shrestha in sweatpants and a casual shirt.

Shrestha eventually changed into a dress, which was later found with her body in the back seat of her Mercedes after she had been killed.

They attempted to salvage the night and lighten the mood after dinner by building a fort out of blankets and having a “whipped cream fight.”

The two downed a bottle of wine and engaged in sex, Ewing testified.

Then, as the women were lying down after their sexual activity, Ewing made what she calls a “poor teasing comment” and called Shrestha a “spoiled b-tch.”


Shrestha responded by saying she was only “experimenting” and “toying” with Ewing, according to Ewing’s testimony. The two started fighting and Ewing “reached her arm around her neck and held it there,” strangling Shrestha with a chokehold, she testified.

A medical examiner had ruled Shrestha had been killed by ligature strangulation, which is by a foreign object other than a body part, the Times reported. But Daniel argued that no fibers were found on Shrestha’s neck, instead suggesting that Ewing’s story was accurate and a chokehold was used.

“I loved Sam — I couldn’t believe she would say that I was some experiment to her,” Ewing said. “It hit me where I was most hurt.”

Ewing said she had no plans to kill Shrestha that night, like the state had previously alleged. Texts were previously introduced that were sent to one of Ewing’s friends the night before the killing, which read, “I can’t stop this idea, it slowly creeped its way to consume my black heart. I want to let someone else decide, but ive (sic) already etched it in history.”

“I didn’t have any plan. I had no intent to kill Sam,” Ewing testified.

Ewing said the text in question was regarding her own struggles with her sexuality. Ewing and Shrestha’s boyfriend, Scott Masselli, have both corroborated that Shrestha and Ewing were “exploring” their sexuality.

“I made the most horrible decision to cover it all up to hide it,” Ewing said. “I wish I had just called 9-1-1, but at that point it was too late.”


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