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Establishment GOP accused of failing America


Establishment GOP accused of failing America
‘Free trade has been a disaster. We don’t want to import people who expect low wages’

Since voters gave the GOP control of both houses of Congress in November 2014, Republicans have funded President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, confirmed the highly partisan Loretta Lynch as attorney general and have not repealed Obamacare.

Now, the GOP-led Congress is poised to vote for Trade Promotion Authority.

TPA, or fast-track authority, which has already passed the Senate, would allow the president to negotiate international trade agreements without input from Congress.

Obama wants to use that vast power for three ultra-secretive trade deals: the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Trade in Services Agreement, and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, collectively known as Obamatrade.

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., an Obamatrade proponent, said Wednesday the secretive deals will only be made public once they are adopted.

The developments have conservatives worried the Republican Party is useless as an opposition. Longtime conservative activist Richard Viguerie blames the more moderate, establishment Republicans.

“The problem is, while we had a repudiation clearly of all things Obama in the 2014 election, for the most part the Republican incumbents were returned, and they are not committed to challenging Obama and the Democrats’ administration,” Viguerie told WND in an interview. “We have to focus on beating these people in the primaries.”

Viguerie, author of “Takeover: The 100-Year War for the Soul of the GOP and How Conservatives Can Finally Win It,” said the GOP’s establishment wing has never been truly able or willing to stand up to the Democrats.

“They’re not effective now,” Viguerie said. “They weren’t effective in Nelson Rockefeller’s time, back in the ’50s and ’60s and ’70s, and I’m afraid we’re losing America as long as the opposition to the Democrats is coming from establishment Republicans. They’re once again kind of rolling over and giving the Democrats a blank check to do whatever they want.”

Phyllis Schlafly, another longtime conservative activist and the author of “Who Killed the American Family?” warned Obamatrade is likely to wreak havoc on America.

“Free trade has been a disaster, and I’m one of the few Republicans who’s been saying that since the very beginning,” Schlafly told WND. “We don’t want to treat our people like they treat workers in other countries. We don’t want to import people who expect to be paid low wages. We had a wonderful middle class in this country that we don’t have anymore.”

Schlafly expressed outrage at the GOP’s expected looming capitulation on fast-track authority and Obamatrade.

“It’s incredible to me why the Republican Congress would give Obama any more power, why they would give him the power to go in a secret room and shut the door and make a deal with a bunch of foreigners, and then come out and say: ‘This is it. You can’t criticize it.’ It doesn’t make any sense,” Schlafly said.

Viguerie explained that establishment Republicans don’t share the values of limited-government conservatives. They have been “Democrat-lite” from Nelson Rockefeller up through John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, he said. So the longtime conservative fundraiser believes it’s imperative to replace the current party establishment with more principled conservative leaders.

“We’re like the biblical Jews who could not get to the promised land until that generation of failed leaders had passed from the scene,” Viguerie said. “Principled, limited government, constitutional conservatives are not going to get to the political promised land until we get new leaders.”

Even when establishment Republicans try to articulate conservative views, they often can’t do it, according to Viguerie.

“Republican leaders, with few exceptions, are inarticulate,” Viguerie asserted. “Look at all the Bushes – George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush – they’re inarticulate. They’re just not able to articulate a conservative position in opposition to the Democrats.

“John Boehner is inarticulate. Mitch McConnell. All of these people are just inarticulate in terms of understanding how to communicate with grassroots Americans, working men and women. And until we replace these people in the primaries, we’re going to continue to have our head handed to us on election day.”

Viguerie said it’s important for Republican leaders to outline conservative principles, because today’s Democratic Party is more liberal and more brash than ever.

“Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have an agenda, and that is to make America a one-party country,” Viguerie warned. “They want only Democrats to be making public policy, and they’re on a path to do that by changing election laws.”

He pointed to Clinton’s recent speech in Texas, where she said every American citizen should be automatically registered to vote when he or she turns 18. Hillary also trashed Republican-led voter ID laws in several states and called for at least 20 days of early voting nationwide.

Combine that with her 2000 call for an end to the Electoral College, her recent comment that “religious beliefs” that condemn abortion “have to be changed” and her promise to expand the Obama amnesty for illegal aliens, and you have a recipe for eternal Democratic control of America, according to Viguerie.

Schlafly, for her part, prays for a firm pro-American leader to rise up against the Democrats and the establishment Republicans.

“I’m really hoping we’ll have somebody who stands up to all of them and fights back, because it’s just a mistake to give this wonderful country away.”

Viguerie thinks the GOP needs to run a governor for president in 2016, because of the unpopularity of Congress.

Said Viguerie: “I think we need an articulate conservative governor that is prepared to fight and articulate a principled opposition, and to point out the extremism of the Democrats across the board, how this president, with the support of Hillary and the Democrats, is committed to fundamentally changing America, radically changing America. And the Republicans are not talking about that.”

Republicans have mostly been going after Clinton’s scandals, and Viguerie admitted it is important to hold her accountable for her past misdeeds. But that must not be the focus of the campaign against the Democrats, according to the longtime activist.

“They’re not going to be beaten on the scandals,” Viguerie said. “They’re going to be beaten because of their ideas. And we need to have a Republican presidential candidate who’s going to challenge the Democrats on their ideas of a government takeover of almost all areas of public policy.”


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