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Flushing Wife Down Toilet – Mackay Wants to Pay Prostitutes

Flushing Wife Down Toilet – Mackay Wants to Pay Prostitutes

Flushing Wife

A Japanese man who hated his dead wife tried to flush her ashes down a toilet in a supermarket, local police said yesterday.

Officers were baffled after ashes and human bone fragments, including a chin, were discovered in the toilet bowl at the store in Tokyo.

But the 68-year-old man turned himself in to police and revealed he dumped his spouse’s remains there immediately after she was cremated last month.

He had been unhappy in his marriage and felt growing resentment towards his wife, a Japanese newspaper reported.

The man, who has not been named, said: ‘I had hatred mounting against her. Life was such a pain before she died.’

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Mackay to Pay for Prostitutes

Canada’s justice minister insists that once passed, the Conservative government’s new prostitution bill will mean safer conditions for sex workers.

The ultimate goal, however, is to end the sex trade in Canada altogether.

“Let us be clear about Bill C-36’s ultimate objective: that is to reduce the demand for prostitution with a view towards discouraging entry into it, deterring participation in it and ultimately abolishing it to greatest extent possible,” Peter MacKay said.

Indians Need Grade 12 To be Chief

The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld a Saskatchewan aboriginal community’s requirement that candidates for chief or band councillor need to have a Grade 12 education.

A former chief of the Kahkewistahaw First Nation had challenged the requirement, saying that discrimination on the grounds of educational attainment is no different than discrimination on the basis of race or age. Louis Taypotat, 76, had been chief for 27 years, including much of the 13-year period in which the band held community discussions that led to the education requirement. He had been a student of Indian residential schools, and had the equivalent of a Grade 10 education. His nephew, Sheldon Taypotat, was acclaimed chief in 2011.

The Federal Court of Appeal had ruled that the Grade 12 requirement amounted to unintentional discrimination because it harmed older members and on-reserve members. Both groups tended to lack education, it said.

But the Supreme Court, in a unanimous ruling written by Justice Rosalie Abella, said there was no statistical evidence about educational attainment among members of the band.

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