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Black Man Pushes White Jogger Into Traffic, Says Four CHILLING Words


Black Man Pushes White Jogger Into Traffic, Says Four CHILLING Words


If you get your news from the mainstream media — why are you doing this to yourself? — you’ve no doubt become aware of the fact that their progressive definition of racism involves white people hating blacks and that’s pretty much it.

Despite tons of examples of racism existing in every people group, the MSM pushes a narrative designed to make it appear liberals are all about equality, you know, so minorities — specifically blacks — will keep voting Democrat.

Rarely ever will you hear the news call a black man a racist, even if he’s deserving of the title, like in the horrifying case of a black man from Ohio who pushed a white jogger out into traffic, muttering four extremely racist words.

From BuzzPo:

Rodney Arnold, a black man from Ohio, committed a racially motivated and heinous act last month, when he deliberately pushed a white female jogger into oncoming traffic.

According to court documents, after pushing the woman, Arnold threatened her with a knife and muttered that “he hates white people.”

Luckily, the innocent woman was able to escape the frightening incident unscathed. Arnold was arrested and charged with ethnic intimidation, aggravated menacing, assault and carrying concealed weapons.

This man is clearly a racist, and his actions prove what all of us with common sense already know, which is that racism is a human problem, not just a white one.

Racism is a foul expression of the sinful nature all human beings possess, and it has infected people in all races.

If you are truly someone who claims to be about equality, you’ll condemn all forms of racism, regardless of the skin color of the racist. To not do so is hypocritical and morally wrong.

Sadly, the MSM is largely ignoring the story, because well, it doesn’t fit their narrative of all white people being the devil, and blacks always being innocent victims of racism.

Truth is, every people group has been discriminated against at some point, and that’s wrong. Period.

If the media cared more about the truth than pushing an agenda, they’d report and speak out against black on white racism just as much as white on black.

Maybe one day they’ll get a clue and actually start working toward really making America a post-racial society by dropping the insane progressive agenda.

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