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United By Hate


United By Hate – The Jihad To Destroy Ancient History And The War To Confiscate American Culture

Source: Christopher J. Green, Guest Post

What a truly wretched week. It began with the senseless massacre of nine worshippers in a church in Charleston, South Carolina. It continued the following Saturday with three people being mowed down in Graz, Austria. If that wasn’t enough, the week ended the following Friday with three acts of Islamic jihad on three continents killing sixty-eight people.

Five terrible events yet there were clear differences in the way they were reported. These differences reveal more than you may think at first glance.

After the shootings in Charleston, the President of the United States Barrack Obama cynically exploited the atrocity for political gain. Determined to make the atrocity about race, he linked it right back to slavery and accused Americans of having racism in their DNA. The accusation doesn’t implicate ALL Americans though. It applies only to white Americans, especially those from the South.

He wasn’t alone in exploiting the shootings. Both Republicans and Democrats called for the Confederate flag to be banned, labelling it “an offensive symbol of racism”. Then came calls for the statue of General Robert E. Lee and the bust of Lieutenant-General Nathan Bedford Forrest to be taken down. As the anti-Southern hysteria intensified, there were even calls for the classic novel “Gone With The Wind” to be banned.

As the new civil war against the South gathered momentum, a man drove his car at high speed into a crowd of shoppers on a street in Graz, Austria. He then got out of his vehicle and began stabbing passers-by. His actions killed three people and injured thirty four. Perhaps you didn’t hear about this because it’s merited very little coverage in the mass media.

It later emerged that the perpetrator was a Bosnian Muslim. It also emerged that Islamic State had urged Muslims in Europe to “join in the jihad” using whatever they could as a weapon to kill infidels including cars. Maybe you didn’t hear about that either.

Further murderous acts of jihad followed just six days later on “Black Friday”. In Grenoble, France, a Frenchman was beheaded by a “terrorist” flying “black and white flags with Arabic writing”. Similar writing was etched on the victim’s severed head. For some curious reason, a translation of the “Arabic writing” wasn’t provided. Seems the mass media don’t employ anyone who can speak Arabic.

Next, thirty-eight people were shot dead by a “gunman” in the Tunisian holiday resort of Sousse. In Kuwait, an ISIS suicide bomber killed twenty-seven Shia Muslims as they prayed in their mosque.

Despite these acts of jihad murdering sixty-eight people, the reaction to them was in complete contrast to the hysterical reaction against Southern culture after the Charleston shootings.

The Bosnian Muslim who brought jihad to Austria was described as a “lone deranged assassin”, case closed. After the beheading in Grenoble, the attacker was described as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. And surprise, surprise, the jihadist who slaughtered thirty-eight infidels, most of them British, for the sin of sunbathing on a beach in Tunisia had absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

Conversely, Dylann Roof was immediately depicted as a racist killer who had committed a hate-crime. His actions proved white Americans have racism in their DNA and as he’d been pictured flying the Confederate flag, this proved it was an offensive racist symbol that must be banned. And because it’s been deemed to be a racist flag, it and any symbols of those who led the Confederate army into battle during the Civil War must also be removed from public view.

It’s odd how the phrase “hate crime” wasn’t applied to ANY of the murderous acts of jihad. It’s equally odd how the President didn’t accuse Muslims of having jihad in their DNA as they’ve been waging war against infidels since Muhammad started it in 622.

There were no calls from self-righteous politicians to ban the Quran, the sacred text of Islam chock-full of verses commanding Muslims to wage war against unbelievers. Nor were there any calls to ban Islamic flags emblazoned with the Shahada in “Arabic writing” because they’re offensive symbols of racist, supremacist hatred.

Islamic State fly the same flags as they wage brutal jihad in Iraq and Syria. Not only are they mercilessly persecuting Christians and other unbelievers, the devout mujahideen are also prosecuting the destruction of the history of cultures that existed before Islam. Ancient buildings, statues, monuments and artefacts, priceless, irreplaceable treasures of human history are being destroyed by devout Muslim jihadists who seek to wipe out any evidence proving cultures existed before Islam. Cultures that even back then, were more advanced and civilized than Islamic culture is today.

Such mindless, wanton destruction is greeted with outrage and sorrow in the Western world. But ISIS isn’t the only hate-filled destroyer of history and civilized culture.

The cynical politicians who followed Obama’s lead in exploiting the shootings in Charleston to prosecute the narrative of racism in America are playing exactly the same game. They zealously took advantage of the Charleston shooting to use it as evidence to prove racial hatred is in the DNA, not of all Americans, but only of white Americans and especially white Southern people. Therefore, Southern history must be confiscated.

Just like IS, these race-baiters are fanatical about their ideology. They’re so intolerant that any evidence of a prior, civilized history must be erased. The devout mujahideen of IS terrorists are waging jihad to destroy ancient history in the Middle East and both Republicans and Democrats are waging jihad to destroy American culture and wipe away a vitally important part of its history.

This assault on the culture is nothing new and has been waged for the last sixty years, a dramatic period that has completely transformed American culture. Judeo-Christian values have been replaced by liberal ones. Mass immigration is diluting the culture and even illegal aliens are given amnesty. Sexual promiscuity is normal as is abortion and pornography is mainstream “adult entertainment”.

Equality of the sexes means more women are placing a career above having a family. Divorce is big business. Punitive taxation has been accepted without a whimper, profanity is part of normal discourse and in the same week as the calls to ban the Confederate flag, gay marriage became legal and The White House was illuminated by a rainbow to celebrate the landmark judgment. The hash tag #LoveWins trended on Twitter, indicating clearly how attitudes towards love, marriage and sexuality have changed since the sexual revolution.

It’s not about guns, flags, gay marriage or the history of the Confederacy or even slavery. It’s about the Marxist destruction of Judeo-Christian Western culture. While many Americans lament the loss of historical treasures in the Middle East, they’re quite happy to celebrate the destruction of the culture which built the greatest free nation in history. They’re blissfully unaware they’re celebrating cultural Marxism even as they’re watching the Marxist wrecking ball destroy their country.

The disproportionate responses to the Charleston shootings and the acts of jihad prove the Multicultural cleritocracy don’t care about racism or hatred. First they demonized their own people as racists. Then they wanted to confiscate guns. Now they want to confiscate American history. It’s clear that they bear a seething hatred for Judeo-Christian values and Western civilization and they want to destroy this culture so only the Multicult religion exists. It’s not Southern people flying the Confederate flag as a sign of their Southern Pride who are the haters. It’s the entire liberal-left not only in the United States but in Great Britain and Western Europe too, who have a burning hatred for their own people and Western civilization ingrained in their DNA.

America isn’t sick with racism. It’s sick with cultural Marxism. And it’s a sickness that’s wiping out the greatest culture ever created in human history in the same way Islamic State is wiping out ancient history in the Middle East. America’s magnificent culture was founded upon the values of justice and freedom and the nation was once a beacon of hope for the whole world. The rabid attack on the culture will continue unabated until the people become as outraged about what these charlatans are doing to Western culture as they are about Islamic State’s destruction of infidel cultures in the Middle East.
Christopher J. Green is an investigative journalist and historian specializing in the decline of America and Western civilization. He is the author of the new book: Death of the Family – True Stories of the Charlatans Who Deceived the World and Broke the Backbone of Our Society.

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