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Donald Trump’s Wall


Donald Trump’s Wall

by Mark A. Skoda

Recent polling suggests Donald Trump is seeing a surge in support for his candidacy. Two polls show him in first place (Economist & USA Today) with the latest WaPo-ABC poll showing his favorability ratings also rising.

So what’s up with all of this Trump momentum? And why is both the left and the right so afraid? Whenever Trump is mentioned in the MSM, he is denigrated for his brashness, criticized as a side show or shiny object and verily dismissed by the pundits.

But something has happened when this brash billionaire made his presidential announcement and then stood firm, people started to listen! Trump is nobody’s fool. And he certainly is no clown. He has tapped into the frustration of many Americans on the right who are tired of being lied to by the current establishment Republican Party. Donald Trump is rising in the polls because he has resonated with those who understand that the D.C. crowd does not care about fixing the problems facing America.

The D.C. elitists, and this includes Boehner and McConnell, care only about their cozy relationships that reinforce their power and comfort. How else can you explain the long tenure of so many “career” politicians? How else would you explain that supposed public servants come out of government to become millionaires or lobbyists trading on their former contacts?

With the announcement that Donald Trump will attend and speak at the National Federation of Republican Assemblies conference in Nashville, Tennessee, it is clear he understands the importance of connecting with the grass roots of the party. It is how a billionaire manages to connect with people.

No, Donald Trump is for real.

His threat to the establishment is that he doesn’t need them. While Ross Perot was a third party nut job, Trump recognizes he must win the hearts and minds of the conservative grass-roots in the Republican Party. In the end, Donald Trump has created a listening moment in the 2016 primary race.

He has created more interest and reporting around his candidacy than any other candidate currently declared or who may declare. With the exception of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
96% , the rest of the scrum has little to say to break through Trumps media “wall.”

It would appear Trump may just be the best wall builder in recent history.

Mark A. Skoda is a founding member of the Reagan Lincoln movement within A Shining City On A Hill. The organization is made up of self-described conservatives, Tea Party activists, Independents, Libertarians, disillusioned Democrats, and even traditional Establishment Republicans who are truly oriented in the tradition of Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln. In addition, he is active in politics on the local and national level advocating for fiscal responsibility and improved government. He has spoken at numerous trade and political events, and provided commentary while appearing on television and radio. Mark has been featured in print nationally and has appeared on CNN, FOX Business, Glenn Beck, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, Associated Press, LA Times; internationally on BBC Radio and TV, NHK Japan, Dutch National TV, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, France and Australia.

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