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Donald Trump Trumps the Media


Donald Trump Trumps the Media

by David Webb

Put aside the debate over whether businessman and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for now.

Is Trump the one who makes the media, especially the leftwing Univision, Telmundo, MSNBC, and others, shudder? As we recently saw in his handling of MSNBC’s José Díaz-Balart on illegal immigration, it appeared more like a stutter?

Love him, hate him, or something in between, apparently Trump will not be trampled over by bully media. They’ve met their match, and it is not limited to the left media. There are some conservative-leaning outlets going after the Donald.

Trump is leading in many polls—name recognition helps greatly—and the Cleveland debate is just over a week away. He will not be trampled by other Republicans, the consultant class, or the Washington DC cocktail circle.

One thing is certain, if you take a shot at Trump, he will hit back. They’ve met their match, and his brash showman-style approach could benefit other Republican candidates in one positive way: They need to adopt some of the Trump brashness and be unafraid of taking on the media and speaking frankly on issues.

Americans are sick and tired of prepackaged, poll-driven politicians. This is the result of a climate in which it is us vs. the political class and the infrastructure that supports and survives because of it. Don’t get me wrong, there is a need for an establishment that works more efficiently at political campaigning, governance, and a support system.

What we have now is the result of a long-running surrender of political power by the masses to what feels good or reflects a particular personal interest. The political and consultant class preys on this passion, inflames it, and once the vote is won, often fail to deliver. We have identified the symptoms and the disease. Is Trump a political panacea?

In either case, we will soon see if the cure’s side effects are worse than the sickness. It certainly will not be boring.

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