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Anti-Cop Activism Leads to Sky-High Murder Rates in Democrat-Run Cities


Anti-Cop Activism Leads to Sky-High Murder Rates in Democrat-Run Cities

by Lee Stranahan

A sharp spike in the murder rates of Democrat-controlled cities across America is one of the consequences of the increased tension between police and black Americans; tension that has been stirred up by both the liberal media and by Democrat-aligned radical political activist group Black Lives Matter.

As Baltimore announced it is embedding federal agents with its homicide unit after one of the highest murder rates in years, the Washington Post took note of the sharp increases in other cities like New Orleans and Atlanta:

Some blame the increase in violence on the “Ferguson Effect” — officers pulling back on tough enforcement because of the intense focus on police-involved shootings like the one that killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., last August.

In neighborhoods where police have long been viewed with suspicion, people use their cellphones like all-seeing periscopes every time police officers get out of their cars. Officers and the unions that represent them describe a combination of surveillance and skepticism, with body cameras, ACLU recording apps and jeering wherever they go.

This increased pressured on law enforcement is a direct result of radical anti-police activist groups like Black Lives Matter using social media and community organizing to urge inner-city black Americans toward confrontations with the police as they are trying to do their work keeping the public safe.

As with the recent confrontation between Black Lives Matter activists and Cleveland police showed, the press usually sides with the acitivists and against the police. The unrelenting anti-law enforcement atmosphere is taking its toll, as CNN reported in May:

The latest homicide statistics arrive amid reports that Baltimore police officers have lost confidence in the chain of command and that officers have coordinated a work slowdown by not talking to community members and showing less initiative. The drops in arrests and increase in murders are the result of officers refusing to follow their marching orders, according to one Baltimore officer who spoke with CNN.

The Black Lives Matter movement has taken an active stance against police enforcing the law, putting the police in a can’t-win situation. If they enforce the law, they face harassment, criticism, and possible prosecution. If they don’t enforce the law, they get blamed anyway.

As a Baltimore resident told the Washington Post, “It’s legal murder. Police aren’t doing anything. They stopped working. And they’re just letting everyone kill each other, and they look away.”

Lately, it’s always the police’s fault.

Black Lives Matter has proven that it’s tremendously effective at getting its false narratives about supposed police brutality into the mainstream media and out through social media to their shock troops on the street. The Democrats and President Obama have treated Black Lives Matter like a legitimate political movement, not the radical police-hating reincarnation of the 1960s Black Panthers that they are.

The results are in. They’re written in blood.

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