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Law lets certified troops carry concealed handguns

CRPA via USA Today
Even as the debate rages about whether, where and when service members should be allowed to carry weapons, some troops already are permitted to carry concealed handguns even if their state does not have a concealed-carry law. The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004, a little-known federal law extended to apply to military personnel in 2013, already gives credentialed troops, in addition to military police, authority to carry weapons while off duty in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, according to a U.S. military official. READ MORE

Los Angeles leaders ban high-capacity gun magazines after string of US mass shootings

The nation’s second-largest city is poised to ban possession of firearm magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, stepping into the national debate over gun regulation following a series of deadly, mass shootings. California is one of a handful of states that give local government considerable latitude to enact gun regulation. The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously recently to close a loophole in state law that bans the manufacture and sale of large-capacity magazines, but not their possession. READ MORE


Illinois parks program uses fitness to aid veterans

Daily Herald
At night, Marine Corps veteran Mark Thommes works a part-time job as a sushi chef. Thommes used that job experience one afternoon to demonstrate how to create tuna and veggie rolls to a group of veterans. The event, presented by the Mundelein Park and Recreation District, is one of the many health-oriented events the district’s Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies program has featured for veterans in the past two years. READ MORE
Report: nearly 1 in 3 young adults too fat for military

The Associated Press via Military.com
The nation’s obesity epidemic is causing significant recruiting problems for the military, with 1 in 3 young adults nationwide too fat to enlist, according to report issued by a group of retired military leaders. The nonprofit, nonpartisan group called Mission: Readiness (Military Leaders for Kids) is promoting healthy school lunches across the nation as a way to combat the problem. READ MORE

Reigning Miss Sonoma County foregoes crown to join Marines

At the Sonoma County Fair, the woman with the princess wave also happens to have raised a 3rd place pig for the fair. She also played football; the only girl on her high school team. Seventeen-year-old Athena Brattin Cain is the reigning Miss Sonoma County, but her tenure will be cut short. That’s because she will be report for duty to the United States Marine Corps boot camp in South Carolina. READ MORE


What to know about carrying from your holster

By Ken Jolly
One of the first things a new Concealed Handgun License holder worries about is whether it’s going to act like a snake and bite you when carrying. I advise people worried about this to carry without a round in the chamber for the first week or two. This will boost your confidence that guns do not accidentally discharge unless mishandled. READ MORE
Training with action targets

How often have you hung a paper target on the hanging cardboard carrier in an indoor shooting lane, used the provided buttons to run it out, shot holes in it, brought it back, looked at the holes, and repeated? It doesn’t take long until you are thoroughly bored. Wouldn’t it be a lot better if those hanging target carriers came to game-programmed, electronically controlled life and offered greater challenge? READ MORE
Taking the bite out of recoil

American Hunter
Nothing can change the recoil created from the bullet. That said, the weight of the gun, action type, recoil pads and compensators can change the felt recoil perceived by the shooter. READ MORE

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