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Donald Trump Doesn’t Want America to be the World’s Policemen


Donald Trump Doesn’t Want America to be the World’s Policemen


Donald Trump still commands the top spot amongst the crowded GOP field in the polls, but he took a huge slide after the Fox News debates on August 6.

Most conservatives have yet to be 100% turned off by “the Donald’s” inflammatory comments (if that’s what you want to call them), but many others feel Trump is just not fit to be president.

With his latest announcement, that America should stop being the world’s policeman, Trump might’ve just ushered in a new wave of hate from true, hardcore conservatives.

From Right Scoop:

Donald Trump told Hugh Hewitt that America is going to have to stop being the policemen of the world, saying that we have to fix our own house or we aren’t even going to have a country. He said that within the framework of talking about Ukraine and the S. China sea.

Ugh, Donald.

You’re the most militaristic of all the candidates? Have you heard Ted Cruz speak?

Why would we trust any other nation on earth to do what we do when it comes to helping other countries?

If we won’t look out for them, who will? I know it’s the most basic of arguments, but it resonates.

This sort of sentiment proves that Trump is not a real conservative, but merely a Libertarian in Republican’s clothing. It’s a wonder why he doesn’t get along better with Rand Paul.

Donald has also said he would force a government shutdown in order to defund Planned Parenthood, but then backed off. Not the best of flip-flops a presidential hopeful can make, and frankly, Trump is succeeding right now because he doesn’t back off of anything he says.

I was rooting for Trump (even though he’s not my top choice) because I felt his politically incorrect views are great for the U.S., but when he says things like we shouldn’t be the world’s policemen anymore, he might’ve just lost me.

I, for one, am incredibly proud to live in the nation that looks out for every other country.

If we refuse to fight for those who can’t do it themselves, we’re merely relegating ourselves to the same league as the Canada’s of the world.

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