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Students at Georgia High School Asked to Stop Flying the American Flag


Students at Georgia High School Asked to Stop Flying the American Flag


Why are some Americans ashamed of being American? People from every country around the globe dream of living on our soil, but the Left has outsiders believing we’re all a bunch of bigoted crazies.


Of course, the knee-jerk reaction is to say if you don’t like it here, get out, and there’s definitely some merit to that, but what is it exactly that sends liberals into a tizzy when talking about the nation that has afforded them so much?

Is it because of actions that took place 150-plus years ago? Actions that no person on this earth had any hand in?

If so, when is the statute of limitations up?

To liberals, there is no set timetable. What matters to Democrats is that this country must suffer for a hundred years more as they continue on their quest of turning the U.S. into a third world hellhole – kudos, Ann Coulter.

Check out what happened to these patriotic students for merely flying Old Glory and the Confederate flag on the back of their trucks…

From Truth Revolt:

At Mount Zion High School in Carrol County, Georgia, school officials have banned American flags flying from students’ vehicles. The decision came after some students were driving their trucks, playing loud music, and flying the U.S. flag and the Confederate flag from inside the beds of their trucks in the school parking lot “in a disruptive manner.”

According to WSBTV, one student said that his mother came to pick him up from school this week in a truck flying the flag only to have staff come out and told her that flying the flag is no longer allowed. This caused several other students to stand with their friend and ignore the school’s orders by continuing to fly the American flag. Now those students have been asked to remove them. Student LaChristopher Hebert said, “When we got here, they was all yelling at us to take our flags down or they would be cut down and stuff like this.”

Nate Maples, a student at Mount Zion, wonders why such a double standard…?

“We pledge that flag every day in the classrooms. So, why can’t we show our support outside the classrooms?”

Here’s part of the school district’s statement on the matter…

The primary focus of the Carroll County School System is to provide a safe, learning environment for all students. The school system does not have a policy or objection to displaying the American flag. We do request that all students and parents respect the learning environment of the school and refrain from causing disruptions on school grounds.

Crazy. In what other country do they tell citizens to to hide their patriotism?

Only in America.

Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, but when it comes to supporting the greatest nation on earth, this is one liberals should let slide.

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