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14-Year-Old Uses Rifle to Protect Siblings from Alleged Home Invaders


14-Year-Old Uses Rifle to Protect Siblings from Alleged Home Invaders

by AWR Hawkins

On August 19, a 14-year-old boy in North Las Vegas responded to alleged home invaders the way his parents taught him: he herded his younger siblings into an upstairs closet, grabbed a rifle and a cell phone to call 911, then climbed into the closet with them.

The invasion ended when the home invaders found the children and were startled to be looking down the barrel of a gun.

According to KSNV News3LV, the two home invasion suspects knocked, but 14-year-old Andrew Mason did not answer–just as his parents had instructed him. Instead, he listened, and the sounds convinced him that the knocking was actually the sound of someone breaking in.

He sent his younger twin siblings into the closet, retrieved a rifle and a phone, and joined them. As the children huddled in the closet, the alleged home invaders took various items out of the house and loaded them into their car. Eventually, they opened the closet door, then fled upon seeing the rifle in Andrew’s hands.

Andrew’s father praised him for his quick actions and bravery and expressed outrage that someone would try to break into the home and take the things they worked so hard to accumulate. Kieawa Mason said, “It truly angers you. My wife and I work very hard. We don’t bother anyone, and for someone to come violate our family [and] our household, it really is upsetting.”

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