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‘Low Information’ Callers Swamp Breitbart News Radio—Again


‘Low Information’ Callers Swamp Breitbart News Radio—Again

by Robert Wilde

The Breitbart News Saturday radio program airing on Sirius XM Patriot radio, channel125, was deluged once again by callers voicing their advocacy for grassroots conservatism and support for Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
and other non establishment Republicans.

Of course we know well that these callers lack the sophistication of “consultant class” geniuses like Jeb Bush sycophant Rick Wilson. The Republican establishment cheerleader—who happened to work for Jeb’s dad back in the day—recently took time on CNN to insult 25 percent of the GOP base—who happen to support Donald Trump—by calling them “low information” supporters.

It appears that it’s not so easy to sweep these “low information” types under the rug. Much to Mr. Wilson’s chagrin, they are multiplying and may have even absorbed a tad bit of information along the way. Below are some excerpts from just a few of the Breitbart News Saturday callers:

Carlos in Texas: “I wanted to mention that I read that article by Matthew Boyle on Megan Kelly… She is a liberal or RINO. She did herself in. I will never watch her again. She is feeding the liberal spin on a so-called conservative network. If I want to hear the liberal spin then I can go to CNN or MSNBC. When I want to listen to conservatism, I go to Fox. But, it is becoming more difficult because they keep hiring liberals like her. I wish you guys at Breitbart had a radio station we could tune in every day. ‘Breitbart News’ that would be great. Trump was right that the lady who was filling in for Megan Kelly did a better job. I want to tell you I’m not white, but I’m going for Trump, and my friends are going to Trump. It’s because we put the nation first. He’s the first one to say ‘you know the hell with the party.’ Trump’s saying ‘the hell with both of these parties–they both suck.’ I would not be crying if Ted Cruz got the nomination. I would prefer Donald Trump because he sucks the oxygen out of every network. No network can throw crap at him… Donald Trump is our George Washington. It’s not a white thing, it’s an American thing.”

Mark: “Bring America back that’s what we’re asking. I’m not a conservative. I’m not a liberal. I’m a nationalist, populist American. I want somebody who is going to put America first. I’m not worried about the borders of the Ukraine. I’m worried about the borders of America.”

Host of Breitbart News Saturday and Breitbart’s Executive Chairman, Stephen K. Bannon, pointed out that Mark’s call underlines the appeal of Donald Trump. “I think a lot of the ‘conservative media’ has missed this. Is he a conservative or not a conservative? That is not the issue that the American people are focused on right now.”

Kevin in Illinois: I just want to say that the working class people are tired of the Democrats. Trump handles the media very well. I consider myself a conservative and I think that Trump would be good for small business. I know Obama has killed small business. I think Trump is going to be different.

Jeff in Georgia: First of all Jeb is not a conservative. True conservatives are people like Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)
from Alabama, Ted Cruz from Texas and Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) from Utah. Donald Trump may not be a conservative, but he’s pushing what’s good for America and he recognizes that a lot of America’s problems today are problems created by politicians. I’m a supporter of Ted Cruz because he is a moral leader. The more Trump can hang around Ted Cruz the better because you can’t hang around a conservative for very long before it rubs off on you.

Ralph in Colorado: “Because of Jeb Bush after 40 years of being an independent conservative I decided to join the Republican Party.” Bannon asked what it was about Jeb’s candidacy that made him join the party. He replied, “I’m sick and tired of putting these asses in office and as an independent I couldn’t vote in the primary. I joined the Republican party so I can vote in the primary against Jeb Bush. Have you looked at Common Core?… My assessment is that Jeb Bush is a progressive. His stance on the border is that we don’t have a right to sovereignty in America. He sees people invading our country as an act of love. I am Hispanic and I grew up here. But when welfare started, we began to get a different breed of Mexican. Some of them don’t want to work and they try to milk the system for as much as they can get. I guarantee you that there are a lot who come up here and they get jobs and they are not working for free. They are not working for minimum wage. They are not working for Taco Bell and they’re not picking cotton. They are getting good jobs as scaffold builders, insulators, concrete pourers and they are making anywhere from $40,000-$80,000 a year. And their families are picking up welfare, and they’re claiming 10 or 12 dependents in Mexico when they file. This is tearing up our country. Anybody who ‘hems and haws’ about this has lost me.”

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