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Congressman calls on Navy chief to resign


Congressman calls on Navy chief to resign
Secretary ignoring studies showing men and women are different

by Bob Unruh

The Obama administration’s plan to put women in combat positions is meeting resistance, with a member of Congress calling on the Navy secretary to resign over the issue and an independent watchdog arguing the defense of the nation should be the priority, not a social agenda.

Obama’s administration has opened the military to open homosexuals, and now it wants to allow women in all combat positions despite studies showing the move would be detrimental.

The latest development came on Friday when Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., of the House Armed Services Committee called on Navy Secretary Ray Mabus to resign, the Daily Caller reported.

The call came after Mabus dismissed a recent Marine Corps study showing that men outperform women in combat tasks.

The Navy Times reported the plan is for women soon to be allowed into all military positions, but the various branches are being given an opportunity to ask for exemptions for certain jobs.

Mabus, who oversees the Marines along with the Navy, however, has said he will refuse even to ask.

“That’s still my call,” he told the Times recently. “I do not see a reason for an exemption.”

That’s after the recent study of hundreds of Marines found that women were injured more often than men, fired weapons less accurately and had more trouble when they needed to help others.

In a letter to Defense Secretary Ash Carter, Hunter said Mabus needs to resign.

“Statements by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus – openly criticizing the Marine Corps and its study on the impact of gender integration – have created a deep sense of concern for the ability of the Navy Secretary to be objective and to continue leading the Marine Corps,” the congressman wrote.

“He has openly disrespected the Marine Corps as an institution, and he insulted the competency of Marines by disregarding their professional judgment, their combat experience and their qualify of leadership. Such a significant loss of respect is detrimental to the ability of the Navy Secretary to effectively lead the men and women of the Marine Corps and ensure the service maintains the highest level of combat effectiveness,” the congressman said.

The Center for Military Readiness, which advocates for a military that focuses on its mission to defend the United States, said in a statement it “appreciates the efforts” of Hunter, who has “stepped up to protest Secretary Mabus’ insult to the Marines.”

The organization’s president, Elaine Donnelly, acknowledged that two female soldiers recently passed Ranger School and said they “deserve respect.”

But she points out that in Marine Training and Educational Command proxy tests in 2013, 28 percent of women, compared to 1 percent of men, “could not lift a 95-pound artillery round and carry it 50 meters in two minutes.”

“Would Mr. Mabus order Navy SEALs to conduct HALO (high-altitude, low-opening) missions with parachutes known to fail 28 percent of the time? If not, Mr. Mabus and other policymakers should stop putting defense of a political position ahead of defense of our country,” she wrote in a commentary in the Washington Times.

Donnelly noted that the study revealed significant differences.

“All-male task force teams outperformed their mixed-gender counterparts in 69 percent (93 of 134) ground combat tasks. For Mr. Mabus, however, facts stop being facts when they aren’t politically correct,” she wrote.

“Apparently, Mr. Mabus doesn’t care whether physical differences were more pronounced in ‘specialties that carried the assault load plus the additional weight of crew-served weapons and ammunition.’ Individual combat arms soldiers often carry burdens exceeding 100 pounds on their backs,” Donnelly said.

“None of this matters to ‘gender diversity’ advocates whose priorities differ from the task force’s primary consideration: ‘combat effectiveness of Marine ground combat units.’ As the report states, factors such as ‘speed and tempo, lethality, readiness, survivability, and cohesion [are] critical components to fighting and winning in direct ground combat,’” she wrote.

Also on Friday, President Obama nominated Eric Fanning, an open homosexual, to be the civilian secretary of the Army.

Obama said Fanning would bring “many years of proven experience and exceptional leadership to this new role.”


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