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Law School Prof Suing Over Gun Prohibition In Wake Of Unarmed Prof Being Gunned Down


Law School Prof Suing Over Gun Prohibition In Wake Of Unarmed Prof Being Gunned Down

by AWR Hawkins

In a suit that falls just after unarmed history professor Ethan Schmidt was gunned down on the Delta State University campus, a University of Missouri law professor is suing to have his school’s prohibition against guns for self-defense declared unconstitutional. reported that through Amendment 5–which was approved by “approved by 60-percent of voters in August [2014]”–Missouri’s state constitution declares the right to keep and bear arms “unalienable” and requires that any prohibition against carrying guns for self-defense be examined under “strict scrutiny.”

University of Missouri bans “the possession of firearms on university property…except in regularly approved programs or by university agents or employees in the line of duty.” According to The Washington Times, associate professor of law Royce de R. Barondes is challenging this ban in light of Amendment 5.

Jennifer Bukowsky–Barondes’ attorney–said, “This case is an opportunity for good constitutional jurisprudence with us passing an amendment to our constitution last year. The university’s rule is so obviously in violation of our state’s constitution, we see this case as being the best vehicle to protect one of our nation’s very first freedoms — our freedom to self-defense.”

Bukowsky believes a recognition of the right to carry on campus is implied in Amendment 5, and that the exercise of such a right is intrinsic to exercising the broader right to keep and bear arms.

She said:

We aim to act to give actual content and impact to our amended constitution, so we’ll have more vibrant gun rights in the eyes of the law and give the actual voters what they voted for in amending the constitution. We need to get the facts before the court so they can be interpreted more favorably toward those who lawfully possess firearms.

Professor Barondes is a concealed carry permit holder who “teaches a course on firearms law.”

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