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Daly City caves in to anti-gun hysteria, denies SetterArms business license without cause

On Sept. 14, 2015, the City Council of Daly City held a public hearing on an application by Todd Settergren of Setterarms to establish the city’s only firearm repair shop. Despite unanimous support of the Daly City Planning Commission and support of the local Police Department, the City Council on Monday voted 3-2 to deny Mr. Settergren’s application. READ MORE

Newtown-based gun industry group gets US support for safety drive

Hartford Courant via
The gun industry’s Newtown-based national trade association and lobbying organization has received a $2.4 million federal grant to promote gun locks and firearm safety, an award the group says is its first under the administration of President Barack Obama. For a group that became a regular object of protests following the 2012 Sandy Hook shootings, the grant is an indication it’s beginning to come in from the cold. READ MORE


At 100, a Doolittle Raider recalls WWII suicide mission

The Dallas Morning News
They took off knowing they wouldn’t be able to land. When a Japanese fishing boat spotted the American aircraft carrier April 18, 1942, the Doolittle Raiders had to start their flight early. They had to strike back against Japanese assaults in the Pacific, even though they wouldn’t have enough fuel to reach landing strips in China. On his 100th birthday recently, sitting under a Frontiers of Flight Museum replica of the B-25 bomber he flew that day, Lt. Col. Dick Cole remembered everything. READ MORE
Vietnam War museum loses financial support of Garden Grove

The Orange County Register
The city of Garden Grove is pulling out of a years-long community effort to build a Vietnam War museum in the city and it will try to sell a 1.5-acre lot on Harbor Boulevard it purchased as a location. The city is facing a $4 million budget shortfall and the City Council decided Tuesday that it can no longer afford the $25,000 donation it gives annually to the Vietnam War Museum of America Foundation, or the $75,000 to $100,000 a year it costs to have city employees act as staff for the foundation’s board of directors. READ MORE
‘Getting better is scary’: Women veterans with PTSD

The Enquirer
In confronting post-traumatic stress disorder among military veterans, the Cincinnati VA Medical Center and its Fort Thomas Division stand as important battlements. Last year, more than 5,000 of the 43,000 veterans in Greater Cincinnati received treatment for PTSD at the medical center’s main campus, the Fort Thomas facility and six area clinics. When the Fort Thomas program for women opened in 2007, it was just the third in the nation. READ MORE


2015 general deer seasons set to open in California

As the general deer hunting season openers approach, hunters across the state are gearing up to head out in search of deer in many of the most popular hunting areas. Deer seasons are already underway for archery and in zones A and B4. Deer tags are still available for many of the state’s most popular zones. READ MORE
Oklahoma authorities share opinions and thoughts about open carry

The SouthwestTimes Record via
Controversy swept through and divided Oklahoma when Act 746 — the act that allows just about anyone who isn’t a felon or mentally ill to openly carry a gun — went into effect Aug. 16, 2013. That controversy remains more than two years later, not only between the public, but law enforcement agencies as well. READ MORE

6 guns every hunter needs to own

By John McAdams
At their most basic level, guns are tools for hunters. Like tools in a tool box, some guns are better at various hunting tasks than others. Depending on the animals you plan on pursuing and the location where you hunt, it is often necessary to own several different guns to ethically and legally hunt the animals you are after. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be a needlessly complicated undertaking. By owning the guns on this list, you can hunt virtually any animal anywhere in the world. READ MORE
How to buy a used rifle

American Rifleman
You can get a good used scoped rifle for about half the price of a new one. But there are definitely things to know and things to look for when shopping for a used rifle. READ MORE
Shooting sports rapidly gain popularity in high schools

The Washington Times
Lindsay Martin first picked up a rifle to go deer hunting with her father, but it was an afternoon she spent with him a year later, shooting clay pigeons in her backyard, that set her passion for shooting sports. She’s one of thousands of teens who have picked up the sport in recent years, making it one of the fastest-growing sports for high schools. But it’s also popular with community teams, such as the Dusters. READ MORE
The pros and cons of hunting partners

Outdoor Hub
A hunting trip can involve a lot of miles walked and a lot of hard work to be successful. Splitting the workload with a partner can be a big benefit, but that also means you have to split up the best hunting spots. READ MORE

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