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In case you didn’t see it, the Liberal Party of Canada under Justin Trudeau finally released its party’s position on firearms. Predictably, we had a few emails sent our way stating that despite the policy document, “the Liberals wouldn’t actually do that,” as well as the standard “don’t tell me who to vote for,” and the “why is this so partisan?”

So before we delve into the quagmire of the Liberal’s campaign promises, let’s address these concerns.

“The Liberals wouldn’t actually do that.” Really? They did it last time. The Liberal Policy Convention Resolution 151 brought forward several gun control proposals designed to ban firearms. It was tempered only by M.P. Wayne Easter’s passionate admonition that their first round of gun control cost them 60 seats in the 2011 federal election and that Liberals should shut up about further gun control measures until after winning an election. Just last spring, a Liberal Senator introduced a Senate bill that would ban almost half the guns in Canada. Still think they wouldn’t do it?

“Don’t tell me who to vote for.” Once again, we ADVISE you on firearms issues. We do not tell you who to vote for. It’s our job to inform you, even if it isn’t what you may want to hear.

“Why is this so partisan?” Simple answer: there is only one federal party that respects firearm owners and supports your right to own your legally-acquired property. Find another mainstream party that does this, and we will publish it. Honest.

Now on to this week’s commentary …

Commentary: Liberal lies about guns, Part 75

As is standard procedure for Liberals when talking about guns, they torque the truth to its breaking point. The party’s 2015 election policy on guns illustrates that the contempt shown to our community has not changed.

Let’s break down the latest in a long line of Liberal lies …

LIBERAL LIE: Over the last decade, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has steadily weakened our gun laws in ways that make Canadians more vulnerable and communities more dangerous.

FACT: Firearm owner licensing, one of the few parts of the Firearms Act that offers any value for public safety, has not changed. No part of the licensing process or ongoing licensing checks has been diminished. In fact, they have been enhanced under Stephen Harper. However, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals know there’s no vote to be had in telling this truth.

LIBERALS WILL repeal changes made by Bill C-42 that allow restricted and prohibited weapons to be freely transported without a permit.

FACT: At no time can restricted or prohibited firearms be transported without an Authorization to Transport. All transport regulations remain fully in effect and in force. The Authorization to Transport is now an mandatory electronic condition placed on each firearm owner’s Firearms license. The benefit to firearms owners is less paperwork. The benefit to police is that ATT’s are now available on CPIC (they thought they were being very clever, and we didn’t notice) and the benefit to the Liberals is that no trees are harmed and that climate change no longer affects ATTs. (Sorry, that was sarcastic.)

LIBERALS WILL put decision-making about weapons restrictions back in the hands of police, not politicians.

FACT: Actually, we could save a billion dollars a year if we simply dissolve Parliament and let the police establishment make all of the laws. After all, if the people we elect to create laws aren’t considered intelligent and responsible enough to do so, why bother electing them? (sorry, sarcastic again.)

That such drivel could even emanate from the Liberals shows the most profound misunderstanding of Democracy 101, enormous disrespect to Canadians and very poor judgement.

They also forget that this provision of Bill C-42 was added because the RCMP insisted on playing politics with the classification process. For example, interpreting the AK-47 variant clause to include .22 calibre plinking rifles is patently absurd.

LIBERALS WILL require enhanced background checks for anyone seeking to purchase a handgun or other restricted firearm.

FACT: Too late! This procedure is already in place, and its the Conservative government that did this. Inferring that applicants for restricted firearm licenses are NOT thoroughly screened is ludicrous and disingenuous, if not a flat-out lie.

LIBERALS WILL require purchasers of firearms to show a license when they buy a gun, and require all sellers of firearms to confirm that the license is valid before completing the sale.

FACT: It is already a requirement, and has been since 1979, for every purchaser of a firearm to show his or her firearm license when purchasing a firearm. Sellers have also, since 1979, been required to confirm that firearm licenses are valid prior to completing sales.

LIBERALS WILL immediately implement the United Nations’ imported gun marking regulations that have been repeatedly delayed by Stephen Harper.

FACT: Uh, the Liberals postponed implementation of the U.N. gun marking regulations for a few years themselves because these regulations would permanently shut down much of the Canadian firearm industry and put hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Canadians out of work. Every level of government involved knows the destruction these regulations will wreak. Still Canada’s Chiefs of Police continue to lobby HARD to implement them.

LIBERALS WILL ensure that Canada becomes a party to the International Arms Trade Treaty.

FACT: The amendment process of the Arms Trade Treaty dissolves Canada’s sovereignty to a 75 per cent majority vote on ANY amendment made to the treaty by other countries. The United Nations should not get to decide Canada’s laws. That’s the RCMP’s job! (OK, that was REALLY sarcastic.)

It’s very clear: Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada cannot be trusted when it comes to the lawful possession of firearms by ordinary, decent Canadians. Indeed, it appears that Trudeau’s Liberals cannot be trusted to uphold even the most basic tenants of Canadian democracy.



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Ask yourself what a Liberal or NDP government (or coalition government!!) would mean for firearm freedoms in Canada. With a three-way race shaping up, we need more than ever to get out and vote – and to make that vote count.

Don’t end up at a polling station without being registered or with out-of-date information attached to your name. If you aren’t registered or need to update your information, it is really easy to do so on the Elections Canada website. Here’s the link to check your status:


As this vote is so critical to the survival of firearm ownership in Canada, we strongly encourage you to cast your ballot as soon as possible. You can vote at any Elections Canada office across the country.

Offices are open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Bring proof of your identity and address to vote – a driver’s licence, for example, or any other government identification that includes your photo, name and current address. You can find the nearest Elections Canada office at:


“Allan Rock said he came to Ottawa with the belief that only the police and military should have firearms. I believe that firearms ownership is a right, but a right that comes with responsibilities.” – The Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety




Seemingly undaunted by their experience with the ill-fated 1995 long-gun registry, the Liberals are positioning themselves as the toughest gun-control proponents in the federal campaign.

The platform released Monday by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau promises a series of measures to reverse Conservative initiatives that “steadily weakened our gun laws,” while proposing a broad range of initiatives “to get handguns and assault weapons off our streets.”

The Liberal plan drew immediate criticism from organizations representing gun-owners. “They’ve firmly established themselves as the anti-gun party. They want to attack the legitimate ownership and use of firearms in Canada,” said Blair Hagen, executive vice-president of the National Firearms Association. “They’ve learned nothing from the 1990s, it appears.”

The Liberals specify that they would not re-introduce the long-gun registry scrapped in 2012 by the Conservatives, who referred to it as “billion-dollar boondoggle.”

But Trudeau is promising to repeal elements of Bill C-42, dubbed the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act by the Conservatives, which came into force last June. The Liberals would restore the requirement for a specific permit to transport restricted and prohibited weapons to and from such locations as a shooting range or gunsmith. Under the Conservative law, the authorization to transport the weapon became automatic with the granting of a licence.

The Liberals would also repeal a section of C-42 that gives cabinet, not police, final say over which firearms are restricted. The Conservatives used the new power in August to reverse an RCMP ban on certain Czech- and Swiss-made rifles that closely resemble prohibited automatic firearms.

The Liberals also promise to modify membership of the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee, which advises the government and which critics say tilts too much in favour of gun-owners. Trudeau wants committee membership to include public health advocates, women’s group representatives and police officers.

A Liberal government would require enhanced background checks for anyone buying a handgun or other restricted firearm, it would require anyone selling a firearm to confirm that the buyer holds a valid licence and it would implement long-delayed regulations requiring the marking of imported guns. Vendors would be required to keep records of their inventory and sales to assist police in investigating crimes.

Heidi Rathjen, founder and spokeswoman for the gun-control group Polysesouvient, said that even though the Liberals stopped short of promising to revive the registry, their platform is courageous. She said Conservative legislation had opened loopholes that made it easier for criminals to obtain illegal guns.

“This platform will certainly be viciously opposed by the gun lobby, and in that sense, Justin Trudeau is not sitting on the fence,” Rathjen said. “He has taken a strong stand in favour of gun control and I think we should applaud that.”

Tony Bernardo, executive director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, accused the Liberals of playing politics on the backs of law-abiding gun owners, who would face additional hassles under the Liberal plan.

“There are a couple of million Canadians out there who have firearms licences. Apparently the Liberals still don’t understand those people,” he said. “They have made no attempt to understand those people. And they are willing to take a couple of million Canadians and quite frankly crap on them for their political agenda.”

Hagen said up until Monday, gun control had not been an issue in the campaign, and gun-owners were not necessarily in the Conservative camp. “This is just going to inflame that gun vote to come out and support the Conservatives, and that wasn’t necessarily going to happen at the start of the campaign,” he said.

Bill Blair, former Toronto police chief and Liberal candidate in the riding of Scarborough Southwest, said he is not worried the platform will drive rural gun-owners away from the Liberals.

“I do not believe that the measures we propose are too onerous,” he said. “I do think they can contribute significantly to keeping our communities safe, and ultimately that’s in everybody’s interest.”

NDP leader Tom Mulcair has called the long-gun registry a failure and said he would not re-introduce a registry if elected. The NDP did not respond to a request for more information on its proposals for gun control.



Despite protestations, we now know that a Liberal government will essentially bring back a gun registry.

Just read the Liberal platform released today, to find out. Make sure to read between the lines though otherwise you could misunderstand his plans for law-abiding gun owners.
Tom Mulcair and the NDP aren’t much different. He has actually said it but likes to add that they’ll do it differently than the Liberals did.

We’ve had a long hard fight to get some sanity restored to our gun control laws in this country. I’d say there is still plenty to do but if this election goes the wrong way, all the progress of the last few years and any hope for further progress will be lost.

Tell your friends, post this video to Facebook, Twitter, email it to your gun club buddies and let them know the truth about Trudeau and Mulcair before it is too late.

See the video:
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GUNS A BLAZIN’ AT CAMPAIGN STOP (By Kathryn Boyle | North Bay Nipissing News | October 7, 2015)

POWASSAN – Conservative incumbent Jay Aspin took his best shot on Saturday, setting his sights on an issue many credit for his tight win in the last election.

Nipissing-Timiskaming candidate Jay Aspin joined Minister of State for Social Development and Portage-Lisgar (Manitoba) candidate Candice Bergen and Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli at Rockcut Shooting Club in Powassan on Oct. 3 to talk about the Conservative’s stance on the Long Gun Registry.

In 2012, Ending the Long Gun Registry Act came into effect under the Conservative party. With the Act came a number of changes, including taking away the requirement to register unrestricted firearms and throwing away all of the existing long gun firearm registration records.

To a group supporting the elimination of the Long Gun Registry, Bergen and Aspin announced the Conservative Party isn’t planning on bringing the registry back.

“Jay and I are here to remind voters that the Conservative Party is the party that eliminated the long gun registry and only a vote for Jay Aspin and the Conservative Party will ensure it never comes back,” Bergen said. “We are the only party that is standing up for law abiding gun owners.”

Bergen referenced the French leaders debate the previous night, on Oct. 2, where the Long Gun Registry was brought up.

“[Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Tom Mulcair] keep saying they will lose the data and keep the registry,” Bergen said as she shook her head. “The data is the registry. It is destroyed and it is never coming back.”

In her closing remarks, Bergen said decisions like the Long Gun Registry Act need people like Aspin in Ottawa and she asked for support.

“We need people like Jay back in Ottawa to make these decisions,” she said. “Last time the election was close and he won by 14 votes. Let’s work on doubling that and get Jay back to Ottawa.”

The Conservative members took time talking to local residents at the club, including Bernice Thomson from Powassan. Bergen told Thomson under the Conservative’s watch the registry won’t make a return.

“Thank you for coming here today,” Thomson said. “You have made my decision a lot easier.”

See the story:

HAYES BRINGS IN A BIG GUN TO TALK BIG GUN ISSUE (By Kenneth Armstrong | | October 2, 2015)

The incumbent candidate for Sault Ste. Marie says he still hears people’s concerns about a return of the long-gun registry even as one of his opponents suggests the economy is top of mind for most people he speaks to.

Conservative incumbent Candice Bergen, of the Manitoba riding of Portage-Lisgar, was welcomed this morning during a policy announcement at Conservative Party candidate Bryan Hayes’ candidacy office regarding the registry, which was scrapped in 2012.

Bergen, who served as Minister of State for Social Development, was responsible for introducing the original private members bill which eventually led to scrapping of the long-gun registry.

“I think people in different regions are concerned in different issues. Certainly the long-gun registry is a very important issue in this riding,” said Bergen.

Hayes said he has been hearing from voters concerned about a return of the registry while knocking on doors this election.

Scrapping the registry was among the campaign promises Conservatives made during the lead-up to the 2011 federal election.

“I would suggest our government’s position on that was a good part of the reason I was elected. I was very proud we followed through on our promise,” said Hayes.

Both Hayes and Bergen suggested the Liberals and NDP would reinstate a long-gun registry if either party were to form government.

Terry Sheehan — who is running for the Liberal Party — said he has also heard some concern about the return of the registry, but that isn’t what the majority of people are talking about.

“The number one thing I am hearing about is jobs and the economy. We’re at 12.4 percent [unemployment] and over the last few days I have heard over and over again about the imminent layoffs, which was of major concern to people. They aren’t talking about the long-gun registry,” said Sheehan.

He added, “The long-gun registry is a non-issue. We have made it perfectly clear we are not bringing the long-gun registry back.”

NDP candidate Skip Morrison said the issue does come up when he knocks on doors, but only because of the misleading campaign advertising sent out by the Tories.
“Instead of tackling the tough issues Conservatives are trying to confuse voters,” said Morrison.

He added, “Tom Mulcair has been clear and I will be clear — the NDP will not bring in a long-gun registry.”

Bergen took aim at a high-profile Liberal candidate running in Scarborough during the announcement.

“Remember Bill Blair? Chief of Toronto Police? One of the biggest proponents of the long-gun registry,” said Bergen.

She mocked the former police chief, saying, “‘Oh it’s going to save lives, police use it.”

“Absolutely false, police didn’t use it,” she added.

Current Sault Ste. Marie Police Chief Bob Keetch said the long-gun registry was one of many tools police used in the course of their duties before it was eventually scrapped.

“The registry allowed the police to query certain addresses if we were dispatching to a domestic situation then we had the ability to access those records to determine if there were firearms registered within that household. Was that an investigative avenue? I would suggest yes.”

Keetch conceded that many weapons used in criminal activity were not registered and that most legal long-gun owners are law-abiding.

“I can see both sides of the argument, I really can,” said Keetch.

The registry was created in 1998 by the Liberal Government in part as response to the murder of 14 women at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal.

Hayes’ announcement comes one day after the murder of nine people during a mass-shooting in Oregon.

Hayes said the announcement reinforces the Conservative Government’s track record when it comes to election promises.

“It’s important to point out we kept our promise. And that’s the message. We kept our promise. As a Conservative Government I think we had 100 pieces of legislation or 100 things we said we would do and I think we’ve completed over 90 percent of those. We keep our word,” said Hayes.

See the story:


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EUROPEANS PRIVATELY URGED CANADA TO SIGN ARMS TREATY (By Lee Berthiaume | Ottawa Citizen | October 1, 2015)

The European Union and some of Canada’s closest allies privately called on the Conservative government in September 2013 to sign an international treaty to combat the flow of illicit weapons and ammunition “at the earliest opportunity.”

But the high-level request, revealed for the first time in internal documents obtained by the Citizen, fell on deaf ears. More than two years later, Canada remains one of the few countries — and the only NATO member — not to have signed the Arms Trade Treaty.

Canada was one of 154 countries to vote in favour of the landmark global treaty at the United Nations in April 2013. The agreement aims to regulate the export of arms and ammunition, and make sure they don’t fall into the hands of human rights abusers, criminals or terrorist groups.

Yet when it came time to sign the agreement in June 2013, Canada was nowhere to be seen. The Conservative government instead said it was concerned about the impact on domestic gun owners, even though the treaty only deals with the cross-border sale and transfer of arms.

With the UN General Assembly set to reconvene and Canada’s signature still missing from the treaty three months later, the European Union decided to take action. According to the documents, a group of European diplomats personally visited Foreign Affairs headquarters to press for action.

Led by Manfred Auster, at the time the top European Union diplomat in Ottawa, the group included Dutch Ambassador Cees Kole as well as representatives from Germany, the United Kingdom and France.

“The EU called on Canada to sign the treaty at the earliest opportunity, noting the devastating effects the uncontrolled trade in small arms has around the world as well as its emphasis on regulation, not prohibition of the arms trade treaty,” reads a summary of the Sept. 17, 2013, meeting.

The summary says the diplomats “emphasized the importance the EU places on the ATT,” and that the meeting was part of a concerted EU effort to get as much support for the ATT as possible before the UN General Assembly, “where they hope additional states will sign the treaty.”

Canada remains one of a number of countries that have not signed the treaty. Almost all of the others are in Africa and Asia. All of Europe has signed or ratified it, with the exception of Kosovo and Belarus. The United States signed last year.

While Foreign Affairs and the Conservative Party did not immediately respond to requests for comment, the government has previously cited concerns about the impact on legitimate gun owners. It has also boasted that Canada already has some of the most stringent arms control regulations in the world.

But an internal assessment by Foreign Affairs officials, also obtained by the Citizen, shows a large number of areas where Canada’s export regulations fall short of the treaty’s standards.

The Arms Trade Treaty has made at least one appearance during this election campaign. During Monday’s Munk Debate on foreign policy, NDP leader Tom Mulcair criticized Conservative leader Stephen Harper for failing to have Canada sign onto the agreement.

“Now we find ourselves in some particularly curious company here with countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea, Belarus,” he said. “And those are not the types of countries we normally identify with, but they’re countries like Canada that have refused to sign that treaty.”

Mulcair also said signing the agreement was one way Canada could help stop the flow of arms to the Islamic State. He was responding to questions about the NDP’s plan to stop bombing ISIL and withdraw Canadian military trainers from Iraq if they are elected to govern.

See the story:




DEMOCRATS PUSH FOR GUN CONTROL AHEAD OF 2016 (By Sam Frizell | Time | October 5, 2015)

A shift that started after Newtown continues in the presidential election.

Just days before the 2004 election, John Kerry emerged from an Ohio cornfield wielding a double-barreled shotgun and stained with goose blood. “Everybody got one, everybody got one,” Kerry said of the four birds he and his fellow hunters had shot.

The staged photo-op, meant to showcase Kerry’s machismo and Second Amendment bona fides, is unlikely to be replicated by Democrats in the 2016 presidential election. After years of working to carefully avoid alienating gun owners, the party’s presidential candidates are racing to outdo each other with strict gun control proposals.

The shift began in earnest after the 2012 presidential race with the fatal shooting of 20 schoolchildren in Newtown, Conn., and reached a peak after a deadly college campus shooting in Oregon as Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton called for a “national movement” to take on the National Rifle Association.

On Monday, Clinton put forward a plan to extend background checks on gun sales and hold gun manufacturers accountable for negligence. Although it’s unlikely to get past the Republican-controlled Congress, the plan represents a new template on the issue for Democratic presidential candidates.

“We took them on in the ’90s. We’re gonna take them on again. And I will need your help to do that,” Clinton said at Broward College in Florida on Friday.

Read More: Hillary Clinton Pushes for Expanded Gun Control Measures After Oregon Shooting

One Clinton rival, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, has proposed even more restrictive gun control laws and boasted of passing some of the toughest laws in the country after the Newtown shooting. He brags about being featured on the cover of the NRA’s magazine with the bolded headline “Martin O’Malley: Menace to the Second.”

Even Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is known for a moderate record on gun control in hunting-friendly Vermont, delivered fiery remarks in Boston on Saturday calling for extended federal background checks and ending “the sale and distribution of semi-automatic weapons whose only goal is to kill people.”

“If we do all of these things we can lessen the likelihood of these horrendous disasters,” Sanders said Saturday.

For critics of gun control, Democrats’ call for greater restrictions in the wake of the Newtown and Oregon shootings politicize the tragedies. They argue guns help protect Americans faced with violence, an argument that polls show many Americans agree with. Democratic candidates are unfazed by this opposition.

It’s a departure from the stance Democrats have taken for years, when they tended to tread carefully on the issue of gun control, afraid of arousing the ire of rural white voters and losing swing states like Ohio or Colorado. Presidential candidates from Al Gore to Hillary Clinton in 2008 sounded moderate tones on gun control, and were often eager to flaunt their pro-Second Amendment bona fides.

But a series of mass shootings in recent years has shifted public opinion on the issue, emboldening gun control activists, who have scored victories at the state level even while federal momentum has stalled.

See the story:


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