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Africa Refuses to Take Back Migrants Entering Europe Illegally


Africa Refuses to Take Back Migrants Entering Europe Illegally

Says the EU must pay far more than it has so far promised

Kurt Nimmo

Europe will be forced to accept and pay for tens of thousands of  illegal African immigrants that have flooded the continent.

The European Union offered nearly $2 billion to African nations to take back migrants from European countries who do not qualify for asylum, but they refused it came out during a conference held on the crisis in Valletta, Malta.

According to international rules, EU countries are barred from sending migrants back to their countries of origin.

The president of Senegal, Macky Sall, who also heads up the West African regional group Ecowas, told journalists the money was “not enough for the whole of Africa.”

The money was slotted to “foster stability… and to contribute to better migration management,” according to a European Union document. Additionally, money was pledged to support economic programs, finance services such as health and education, and support conflict prevention.

The proposed amount is additional to the $20 billion Europe spends on development assistance in Africa every year, according to EU Council President Donald Tusk.

The Africans complain the EU is “forcing African countries to play the role of policeman” as people from Eritrea, Nigeria, Libya and Somalia flee in unprecedented numbers.

For the African nations, the biggest concern is a return of illegal immigrants will put an end to remittance—the sending of money by migrants to relatives in Africa—an estimated $11.2 billion.

“And that is just a fraction of the overall inflow, as most of the remittances aren’t recorded,” said Dilip Ratha, lead economist with the World Bank. “Sending back economic migrants will put considerable pressure on the country of origin, because if these people go back, wages can drop by 90%.”

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