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Scientists Pushing Climate Change Agenda Are Stumped By Actual Climate Facts


If you haven’t noticed by now, global warming climate change alarmists make a lot of stuff up.

They make up numbers, they make up climate models, they make up whatever it takes to push their narrative.

But even these scientists are having a hard time covering up some pretty major facts about what is really happening with global temperatures.

From The Daily Caller:

Scientists are not only having trouble explaining why global surface temperatures did not warm for 15 years in the 21st century, they still have not adequately explained why there was an even longer 30-year “grand hiatus” in global warming during the mid-20th century.

“The climate models making dire predictions of warming in the 21st century are the same models that predicted too much warming in the early 21st century, and can’t explain the warming from 1910-1945 or the mid-century grand hiatus,” Dr. Judith Curry writes in a Wednesday op-ed published in The Financial Post.

“The mid-century period of slight cooling from 1945 to 1975 – referred to as the “grand hiatus” – also has not been satisfactorily explained,” Curry writes. Curry is a climatologist at Georgia Tech University. She has published more than 130 peer-reviewed papers on the climate.

Curry also notes there’s evidence the Earth has been warming for the past 200 years — a period that began before human carbon dioxide emissions would have been a factor.

In reality, people who don’t put politics over science understand that the climate has been changing for as long as earth has been around and warming trends were factors well before pollution and human carbon emissions made a difference.

For the last 15 years, global surface temperatures haven’t increased but yet we are supposed to believe that the earth is getting dangerously warmer every year and if we don’t subscribe to the green energy way of thinking, we are killing the planet.

Scientists literally can’t explain huge holes in their logic.  But yet anyone who disagrees with them is “anti-science”.

It’s nonsense no matter how you slice it.

No rational person thinks we shouldn’t reduce our footprint as much as reasonably possible but the left just can’t seem to go along with the reasonably part.

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