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Obama Can Call State of Emergency to Stop Legal Action on Gun Controls


US President Barack Obama could implement a state of emergency in order to prevent legal challenges to his executive gun control regulations, US advocacy group National Gun Victims Action Council Secretary Martha Rosenberg told Sputnik.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Obama unveiled measures earlier in the day that will require individuals involved in trading firearms to obtain special licenses and carry out background checks of their customers. The US government would treat failure to comply as a criminal matter.

“A pro-gun Congress will legally challenge the actions and stall them as it has done with immigration executive actions. A State of Emergency would block that,” Rosenberg said on Tuesday.

Obama also pledged to increase funding for treating mental health, as well as support research on gun safety technology. The president underscored that the measures will not violate US citizens’ constitutional right to bear and keep arms.

Rosenberg argued that US shooters can still bypass the US government’s background check system, because it continues to be prone to errors.

“Many, and possibly most, mass shooters pass their background checks because the system is very flawed,” Rosenberg noted.

On Tuesday, advocacy group Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence Executive Director Bryan Miller told Sputnik that Obama’s new gun control rules will reduce US teen suicides and accidental shootings.

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