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Mark Levin Slams President Obama For His “Crocodile Tears” Act


Radio host Mark Levin slammed President Barack Obama Wednesday for shedding crocodile tears as he unveiled his proposed executive actions on gun control.

Like many Americans, Levin wondered why the president has not cried during other major tragedies during his administration and repudiated the media for letting him get away with it.

From Western Journalism:

Like President Obama, Mark Levin is also a constitutional lawyer. On his nationally syndicated radio show Tuesday, Levin focused on what he called Obama’s “unconstitutional use of executive action” and new rules for gun control.

Levin then turned his attention to the tears Obama shed in the president’s televised address to the nation Tuesday. Critics of the president note that Obama seems obsessed with gun control while the real threat of jihadi terrorist cells are at work in the U.S..

Levin asked, “Did Obama cry when the precious young lady (Kate Steinle) was murdered in cold blood in San Francisco, a sanctuary city? We didn’t hear from him for 48-72 hours. Did Obama cry when an American reporter was decapitated on tape? No. Ten minutes later he was seen laughing and going off to play golf. Did Obama cry in the mass murder in San Bernardino, California when he made his statement? No. And he got around to visiting the area and those folks on the way to his to vacation. I’m sorry. I can’t put up with this crap.”

After sharing his opinion on how Obama mistreats the police and the military Levin stated what he thinks Obama’s real agenda is about (NOTE: excerpt highlighted below begins at the 4:50 mark)


This isn’t about background checks or any of the rest of it. So an Islamo-nazi slips through our visa system under this president’s watch. Congress is poised to punish these sanctuary cities by cutting off funding. Obama threatens to veto it. Obama releases violent, illegal immigrants back into our towns. Obama releases violent, homegrown felons back into our towns. He won’t secure the border. He won’t enforce deportation. He undermines our police departments, and we’re supposed to believe he cares about protecting life in this country…and of course overseas. I don’t remember Obama shedding a single tear for the young girls who are enslaved and raped repeatedly and brutalized, do you? No. He’s busy attacking we the people. He won’t even use the phrase Islamic terrorism let alone Islamo-nazis and historically, I’m accurate. He doesn’t shed a tear, not a drop, when Christians are being wiped out and Yazidis are being wiped out, and the Kurds are under attack, and every other group you can imagine. He never sheds a tear. He doesn’t shed a tear for the Jews who are terrorized and slaughtered in Israel by Palestinian terrorists. He doesn’t shed a tear, not a tear, for black Christians in Nigeria and the Sudan who are brutalized and murdered and sold into slavery and raped by Islamo-nazis. Not a tear. But today he is shedding tears for proposals that wouldn’t have stopped a single mass murder in the United States of America on his watch or anybody else’s. Because he’s not about that. He’s about changing our governing system.

Levin also said he believes climate change is a “completely fabricated, phony” problem “imported from Europe as a land grab, liberty grab, to destroy our capitalist system, to undermine the industrial development of this nation, always aimed at empowering governments, empowering bureaucrats.”

Another brilliant analysis by Mr. Levin.

Levin is the silver bullet to the Praetorian Guard Mainstream Media and isn’t afraid of keeping the light of truth on this Manchurian candidate of a president.

Obama is shedding tears for gun control proposals that will not protect Americans from mass shootings and terrorist attacks and has lost all credibility when it comes to protecting the country.

If he cares so much about protecting the American people why does he fuel race riots and disdain towards police? He’s crying because he is frustrated that the USA has separation of powers and he can’t be a tyrannical king who makes law through executive orders.

He is obsessed with limiting the 2nd amendment and now he attempts to circumvent Congress and thrust his authority upon the people.

We can only hope that the next man to be elected will help heal the wounds and be a leader that all Americans respect and love.


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