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Obama Protects ‘Image of Islam’ Not American Women from Rape


GOP presidential candidate former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is pointing out the hypocrisy in imposing gun control laws to stop “just one shooter,” but not vetting tens of thousands of refugees coming into America from terrorist infiltrated countries.

“So President Obama and Hillary Clinton want to impose massive new gun control laws on all Americans to stop ‘just one shooter’ or save ‘just one life’- but vetting Syrian refugees to stop countless terrorists and save countless American lives is wrong?” Huckabee questioned.

Huckabee responded in a press release on Saturday to several sexual attacks and rapes that refugees have committed in Germany, Denmark, and across Europe.

Why are Obama and Hillary more interested in protecting the image of Islam than protecting American women from rape by Middle Eastern migrants? Between shootings, terrorists bombings and rampant sexual attacks, this Middle East refugee crises has been a disaster across Europe, yet Hillary and Obama are encouraging America to import this barbarism to our shores.

Liberals are calling for ‘understanding’ and ‘tolerance’ as this Muslim male rape epidemic swells across Europe, and the politically-correct media have chosen to remain silent. Some politicians have even encouraged German women to cover-up and dress less provocatively to protect themselves from sexual assault – as if somehow being raped is the woman’s fault. I’m sorry, but American women should not have to wear burkas to protect themselves from sexual attacks.

Huckabee concluded, “We must oppose the Obama-Hillary refugee relocation program and stop all Syrian refugees coming to America. If anyone is unsure about the ramifications of accepting millions of refugees – the chaos in Europe is a preview of what’s coming. It’s time we put Americans first.”


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