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Mayor Vents Frustration With NRA By Nixing Police Security at Great American Outdoor Show


The Democrat Mayor of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is withholding police security from the upcoming Great American Outdoor Show as a way to vent his frustration with the NRA for fighting the city on gun control.

Mayor Eric Papenfuse (D) said, “We have an epidemic of gun violence. It’s no secret that the NRA has worked against the city’s interests repeatedly over the past year causing us to spend tens of thousands of dollars to defend common sense gun ordinances. We don’t need to be doing them any favors.”

According to ABC 27, the Great American Outdoor Show has enjoyed police security in previous years. Usually “the city staffed officers and the NRA made a donation to Harrisburg City Police in return.” The donation last year “was $50,0000.” But this year, the money being donated by the NRA is going to the Civil War museum, which Mayor Papenfuse “wants to close.”

ABC 27 reports that the change in donation alone was not what caused Mayor Papenfuse to pull police security from the event. Rather, it appears to have been the NRA’s fight against gun control and the donation to the Civil War museum combined that pushed the Mayor to refuse police presence.

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