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Will The Clintons Finally Be Held Accountable for Their Corruption? Maybe


News that the FBI has expanded its probe of Hillary Clinton to include “public corruption” involving the Clinton Foundation is a massive step forward in the investigation of possible corruption involving the Clintons.

It’s no longer about emails. It’s about money and possible payoffs during her tenure as Secretary of State.

I take note that according to Catherine Herridge, the FBI began this track of its investigation of Hillary Clinton in April 2015. That of course just happens to be as my book Clinton Cash was about to be released and was being widely reported by the New York Times, Washington Post and, of course, Breitbart.

The point here is that credible news organizations saw what I saw early on: that there is a clear pattern of money going to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation around the time that Hillary Clinton was making important decisions that involved those who were sending them the money. As the New York Timesconfirmed in a 4,000 word front page article, the Clintons bagged some $145 million for the Clinton Foundation from nine shareholders and executives tied to a uranium company that the Russians desperately wanted to buy.

Clinton defenders, including ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, grilled me and repeatedly said that there was “no smoking gun.” But of course as any prosecutor will tell you, there is rarely a smoking gun. And to suggest that you need one to prove criminal guilt is preposterous. In recent political corruption cases, including former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey, there was no smoking gun. And indeed, there was nowhere near the pattern of financial transactions that exist with the Clintons.

Herridge quotes an unnamed intelligence source as saying FBI agents would be “screaming” if there is no prosecution because “many previous public corruption cases have been made and successfully prosecuted with much less evidence than what is emerging in this investigation.”

Regardless of a person’s politics, a key component of any government is the laws and rules that apply to everyone equally. Why are the Clintons granted a different standard than other politicians, where Republicans or Democrats? Why are they allowed to go places in self-enrichment that others would never dream of?

The FBI will be under enormous political pressure by the Obama Administration to make this all go away. Right now it appears they are not going to play ball with the White House.

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