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De-fund Sen. McAuliffe’s Security – Reps & Dems Fear Trump

Va. senator calls to defund Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s security detail over anti-gun policies
A Virginia state senator wants to defund Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s armed security detail after he banned guns on government grounds and ended concealed weapons reciprocity agreements with 25 states.

“I’m only asking for equal protection here, basically,” Sen. Charles William “Bill” Carrico, a Republican, told CNS News. “The governor talks about equal protection under the law, and that’s what I’m asking for.
He said he plans to propose a budget amendment during the January session to defund the governor’s protective detail, which is made up of multiple Virginia State Police officers, for “as long as his Executive Order 50 stays in place, which basically prohibits anyone from carrying concealed weapons on the state properties.”

THE TRUMPINATOR: Why Do Both Republicans and Democrats Fear Trump?

Both sides do not want to see Donald Trump in the White House. You would think that if he was such a horrible candidate for the Republicans, the Democrat lamestream media would be doing everything that they could to encourage his candidacy. But they are doing just the opposite. ALL media outlets are doing all that they can to drive people away from him. Could it be that they know something that we do not?

Trump has been an ultra successful businessman. This requires a very diverse set of skills the average citizen does not posses. But they want us to believe that he is not qualified because he has never served in government. They want us to believe that only a career politician can run the government.

That might be true if our career politicians had been successfully running the government. But running the government successfully is not what politicians are trained to do. They are trained in the art of politics, not in the skill of running a successful government enterprise. Politics, a wise man said, is the art of compromise. Trump scares them because he is not very good at that art.

THE TRUMPINATOR: Why Do Both Republicans and Democrats Fear Trump?