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Trump In GOP Debate: Under No Circumstances Do We Limit Gun Sales

During the January 14 GOP Debate, moderator Maria Bartiromo asked Donald Trump if there “are any circumstances in which we should be limiting gun sales of any kind in America?” And Trump said, “No.”

He added:

I am a Second Amendment person. If we had guns in California on the other side, where bullets went in a different direction. You wouldn’t have 14 people dead right now. Even in Paris, if they had guns on the other side–[with bullets] going in the opposite direction–you wouldn’t have a 130 people-plus dead.

Trump then pointed to our nation’s “huge mental health problem,” and he said we “are closing hospitals” and “closing wards” to save money but we have to get back to treating mental health and figuring out what causes some individuals to carry out attacks.

He said, “You know, guns don’t pull the trigger. People pull the trigger. And we have to find out why.” But he stressed that none on this can be done in a way that infringes on gun rights.

Trump added, “We have to protect our Second Amendment.”

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