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GOP Rep. Brooks: Obama the Most ‘Racially Divisive’ President Since Civil War

During an interview Thursday on The Dale Jackson Show, 

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL)(R-Ala.) called President Obama the most “racially divisive” president in America since slavery.

“There probably has not been a more racially divisive, economic divisive president in the White House since we had presidents who supported slavery,” Brooks said according to The Hill.

The 56-year-old, pro-life congressman said Obama is “clearly the most racially divisive president we’ve had since I’ve been alive. But, again, we did have presidents in the first 80 to 100 years of our country that supported slavery, and you cannot say that Barack Obama was worse than them.”

Indeed, the President ran as a unifying candidate in 2008. But that image melted away when a tape was revealed showing Obama calling Americans religious zealots and “bitter clingers” who have “antipathy to those who aren’t like them.”

“But he’s probably the worst one since the Civil War and the passages of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments,” the three-term congressman added.

A number of polls suggest race relations have tanked since Obama took office. Rep. Brooks says America’s recent slide into constant racial strife is no accident.

“It’s a part of the Democratic Party’s campaign strategy to divide Americans based on skin pigmentation and to try to collect the votes of everybody who is a non-white on the basis that whites are discriminatory and the reason you are where you are in the economic ladder is because of racism,” Brooks said.

The lawmaker, The Hill reports, has also blamed Democrats for waging a “war on whites.”

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