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Actor Kevin Sorbo Calls Out The PC Crowd And Defends Ted Cruz In The Process


Kevin Sorbo (also known as Hercules) is one of those few actors in Hollywood who wears his Christian faith and conservative world view on his sleeve and isn’t afraid if liberals like it or not.

Kevin was asked about what he thought of Ted Cruz’s harmless “New Yorker” comments that Donald Trump had a huge problem with and the former TV star said what we all were thinking.

Absolutely correct.

The only people who were offended by Cruz’s comments were people that don’t like his politics or people that are looking for any excuse to be offended by something.

This PC nonsense needs to stop.

It has snowballed into a problem that is affecting all aspects of society including the fact it is preventing us from keeping Americans safe and not allowing politicians to make important decisions.

The idea that Ted Cruz was somehow disrespecting the 9/11 tragedy is just ridiculous.

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