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“FitBit” to be Tied – Afraid Of Legal Gun Owners

Columnist: I’m More Afraid Of Legal Gun Owners Than Gun-Wielding Criminals

A Baltimore Sun columnist wrote in a Thursday op-ed that citizens who legally own firearms are more frightening than the criminals who use the weapons on the rough streets of her hometown.

Tricia Bishop, deputy editorial page editor for the Baltimore paper, explained how billboards advertisements for guns and everyday Americans carrying them around made her sick.

“I’m less afraid of the criminals wielding guns in Baltimore… than I am by those permitted gun owners,” Bishop said.

She says this because she believes as a middle-class white woman, she’s shielded from her city’s criminal element but, in her opinion, she’s not protected from her neighbors’ legally-purchased weapons.…

Murder rate climbs in Mexico, while other crimes fall

Murders in Mexico jumped nearly 9 percent last year, their first increase in four years, as President Enrique Pena Nieto struggles to make good on his election pledge to end the country’s drug violence.

But other crimes like kidnapping and extortion have fallen, according to government data released late on Wednesday, perhaps pointing to a shift toward more brutal tactics by some of the country’s dozens of drug cartels.

Prosecutors from Mexico’s 31 states and Mexico City reported 17,013 murders last year, the fifth-highest figure in nearly two decades, Interior Ministry statistics showed. There were 15,653 murders reported in 2014.

The rate equates to about 14 murders per 100,000 people, higher than the U.S. rate of about five per 100,000 people, but below that of Mexico’s Central American neighbors.…