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Hard time Detroit – Violence in Mexico

Detroit Rising: Life after bankruptcy

One year after a federal judge approves Detroit’s bankruptcy exit plan, progress has been made while looming challenges remain, especially city pensions

The City of Detroit has more than enough cash to pay its daily bills. Thousands of busted streetlights have been replaced. City retirees still receive pension checks, and valuable paintings remain ensconced in the gilded halls of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

That’s the good news. But a year after a federal judge approved a cost-cutting and reinvestment plan in the nation’s largest-ever municipal bankruptcy case, Detroit’s financial future still hangs in the balance.

Among the greatest concerns: a multibillion-dollar pension bill that starts coming due in less than a decade.

42 Staggering Photos Of Abandoned Detroit Buildings

As of July 18, 2013, the Motor City officially ran out of gas. Filing for for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, Detroit’s debts–a whopping $18 to $20 billion–represent the largest municipal filing for bankruptcy in United States history. And as its solvency has gone down the drain, so too has its population. In 1950, the burgeoning industrial city was home to nearly two million Americans. But today, as Detroit’s population has dwindled to a mere 700,000, the only boom Detroit has seen rests in the number of abandoned buildings popping up within city limits.
Death in Mexico

Two murders a day, horrific kidnappings and even the police don’t dare enter
The Juarez Valley on the Mexico-Texas border, a forty mile stretch of cotton fields and ghost towns, is so dangerous that even the police don’t dare to enter.

Situated to the east of Juarez City – a town which held the title of the world’s most violent for three consecutive years – the criminal cartels in ‘Murder Valley’ run drugs, weapons and illegal immigrants across the border, murdering in cold blood anyone who interferes with their business.

Today the Juarez Valley, which runs along the Rio Grande and is just a stone’s throw from the eighteen-foot fence on the US border, sees more death and violence than anywhere else in North America. It has even been suggested that it could be the deadliest place on Earth

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There are so many drug murders in Mexico that overall male life expectancy has dropped

Mexico’s brutal war on drugs is showing up in the country’s public-health data. A study from the University of California, Los Angeles, released Jan. 5, shows that between 2005 and 2010—the height of the federal government’s efforts to eradicate drug cartels—a spike in the country’s homicide rate cut average male lifespans from 72.5 years to 72 years in two-thirds of Mexico’s states. The life expectancy (the number of years left to live) for men aged 15-50 also dropped by six months across the country as a whole.

The drop is a reversal after decades of steady gains. From 1940 to 2000, Mexican men could expect to live four to five more years with each passing decade, Hiram Beltrán-Sánchez, one of the study’s authors, tells Quartz. Had the homicide rate stayed stable, male life expectancy in 2010 should have been closer to 76 years, he says.

There are so many drug murders in Mexico that overall male life expectancy has dropped

Tea Party USA

The Tea Party is a grassroots movement that calls awareness to any issue which challenges the security, sovereignty, or domestic tranquility of our beloved nation, the United States of America. From our founding, the Tea Party represents the voice of the true owners of the United States: WE THE PEOPLE. was created on: September 2nd, 2004. Many claim to be the founders of this movement; however, it was the brave souls of the men and women in 1773, known today as the Boston Tea Party, who dared to defy the greatest military might on earth. We are the beneficiaries of their courage.

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