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Trump Protesters Are Getting Worse…Their Thuggery Just Reached An All-Time Low

n the face of the threat of violence between Donald Trump supporters and protesters, police separated the two belligerent groups Wednesday night outside the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, and three people were arrested when they attempted to break the police boundary.

In the course of the arrests, the Trump protesters pepper sprayed and assaulted several officers.

According to court records Kennon Hooper, Lisa Cuyler, and Maxwell Yearick, 31,27, and 29 respectively, were three of the approximately 1,000 protesters at the convention center, decrying the Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s visit to Pittsburgh. Hooper attacked sprayed an officer, then kicked him in the knees and hand, according to police spokeswoman Emily Schaffer.

While officers were arresting Hooper, Cuyler got into the mix, jumping onto the back of one of the officers. Yearick, not one to be left out, grabbed another officer by the vest and began pummeling him.

They all went down fighting

A group of protesters went at other officers with sign staffs broken off as stakes, according to official documents. Both sides were hit by the pepper spray, but the police never fired any.

Bernadette Gariglio of Cherry Valley Pennsylvania, a local Trump supporter, said this: “All the Donald Trump supporters are here peacefully. The Trump supporters need to be protected, and I think we have a right to come and support our candidate. I feel harassed by the protesters and I was even pushed and shoved by one.”

Again, we see Trump supporters attacked by agitators, and again, we see liberals unwilling to stomach even the thought of a candidate with differing ideas.

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Trump Protesters Are Getting Worse…Their Thuggery Just Reached An All-Time Low

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