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10 Jihadis Construct Bomb In A Mosque, Accidentally Blow Themselves Up

A gang of jihadi militants were in the process of constructing an explosive device in a mosque when their bomb making session took an unexpected turn.

Apparently these jihadists may have missed a day in bomb-making training.

From Daily Caller:

Ten militants recently blew themselves up as they were constructing a bomb inside a mosque in Afghanistan.

The jihadis were building an improvised explosive device (IED) in southeastern Afghanistan when the explosives detonated andkilled all 10 of them, reports Afghan news agency Khaama Press. It’s unclear who the dead men were loyal to, but the anti-government Taliban is known in the region for using IEDs.


Epic fail.

Awww, that’s too bad. Those peace loving folks weren’t actually building a bomb, they were only building a clock and that mosque had nothing to do with Islam.


Are we supposed to feel sorry for them? Maybe if they stopped trying to construct bombs they might live longer. It’s just too bad they didn’t invite more friends to their bomb party.

Terrorists have managed to kill themselves by accident in the past.

In 2015, the suicide vests of two alleged terrorist bombers blew up when the pair started fighting, killing them and no one else.

A terrorist trainer in northern Iraq in 2014 accidentally killed his class while giving a demonstration with explosives.

Palestinian car bombers killed themselves when confusion over Daylight Saving Time caused their bombs to detonate an hour early back in 1999.

Now this is classic barbarian ignorance: plan to murder innocents and accidentally kill yourself in the process. Justice served.

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