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Happy Mother’s Day: California Firefighter Delivers Own Baby

A firefighter from Riverside, California is enjoying a particularly special Mother’s Day after delivering his own baby on the way to the hospital on Saturday.

Local ABC News affiliate KABC reports:

Around 4:15 a.m. Saturday, Jeremy Roberts rushed to get his wife Kirsten off to Loma Linda Hospital in Menifee.

But baby Adeline just didn’t want to wait, apparently.

Roberts pulled over around Scott and Antelope roads and delivered his own baby girl in the front seat of his truck. The family, including big brother Hudson, are all doing well after the rushed delivery.

The City of Riverside Fire Department issued a statement:

When Jeremy Roberts comes to work, his regular duties as a Fire Engineer for the City of Riverside Fire Department include operating a fire engine, serving the community, and most importantly getting his crew to and from emergencies safely and in a timely manner. One of his major responsibilities is to meet response times and arrive at an emergency within 5-6 minutes.

On May 7, 2016 at approximately 4:15am Jeremy found himself in a unique situation. His wife was in labor and he was the engineer tasked with meeting response times, and delivering quality customer service. His goal was to arrive at Loma Linda Hospital – Menifee in time to deliver his first daughter. When Jeremy realized that baby Adeline had other plans, he had to revert back to his training he received as a paramedic. Jeremy pulled over at Scott Rd. c/o Antelope Rd. and delivered his beautiful baby girl in the front seat of his own truck.

Even though he did not meet his goal relating to response times, most importantly his family arrived safely at Loma Linda Hospital-Menifee. Jeremy, Wife Kirsten, Adeline, and big brother Hudson are all doing great. Firefighters are commonly asked about the type of calls they respond to. This will go down as Jeremy’s craziest, unique, dramatic, and most “special” call of his career.

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

The department added wishes for a happy Mother’s Day.

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