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Obama Admin. Gives Refugees New Welfare Gift

If you need another example to illustrate how the government wastes your tax dollars, we’ve got it for you — and it’s a doozie.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has decided to give refugees a new gift for coming to America — to the tune of $564,231. The funding uses our tax dollars to start farmers’ markets and corner stores for refugees on food stamps.

As if there weren’t already enough people taking advantage of the food stamp program.

The “nongovernmental” International Rescue Committee received the government funding in order to provide the “culturally appropriate” stores and markets in Utah, Arizona, Maryland and Virginia, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Because apparently refugees aren’t eating their vegetables.

The committee will expand its “Fresh Fund” incentive program over the next four years in seven “refugee-rich neighborhoods” in Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Baltimore, and Charlottesville, Virginia, according to the agency.

The program is part of a part of a $16.8 million effort to get those enrolled on food stamps to eat more vegetables.

The funding was designated for one co-op farmers market, seven “farm stands,” and 10 corner stores for refugees that will use a list of 40 “culturally appropriate” fruits and vegetables.

The IRC aimed to build “new roots in America, one farmers market at a time,” and to prove just they were doing this, they installed Electronic Benefit Transfer, or EBT, machines in a local farmers market in Charlottesville.

On average, taxpayers dish out about $20,000 for every refugee the United States takes in. Meanwhile, our vets cannot get the decent care they deserve.

Since when did refugees become more needy and important than those who fought for the freedoms that Americans enjoy? It’s sickening.

The amount of money our government wastes has always been ridiculous, but to know that hard-earned taxes are going toward making sure refugees abide by the food pyramid takes the cake.

It’s a gluten-free cake, I’m sure. But it still takes it.

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