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24 percent of Hispanic voters said they would vote for Trump in November

It looks like even more people are deciding to jump on the Trump train, and they belong to a group the media has been desperately trying to accuse presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump of being bigoted against.

Pew Research Poll found that 24 percent of Hispanic voters said they would vote for Trump in November.

This level of support among Hispanics was right on par with the last two GOP nominees for president — former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Arizona Sen. John McCain — actually a little bit better, The Hill reported.

While presumptive Democrat nominee for president Hillary Clinton received 66 percent of the Hispanic vote in the poll, this news was big for Trump, who has been slammed by the media for his stance on immigration and comments that they have twisted and interpreted to fit their agenda.

Fortunately, it looks like 24 percent of Hispanic voters see through the media’s twisting of Trump’s words and, in many cases, outright lies.

The Hispanic vote could be a major factor in November in several swing states, including Colorado, Florida and Nevada.

Trump may even have done better in the poll if respondents were required to provide proof of their immigration status — although that’s apparently not a politically correct question to ask someone.

The message that Trump sends resonates with Hispanics — and everyone else — who respect the rule of law and expect that others do the same.

Of voters who responded that they “weren’t sure if they were registered,” Clinton lead Trump 87 percent to 7 percent. Remember when the media twisted Trump’s words about loving the “uneducated?” Looks like Clinton might have a great deal of her support from that demographic …

How long until Clinton and the left whine about how it’s racist to expect people to register to vote?

Fixing the economy, securing the border, and keeping Americans safe from radical Islamic terrorism are things that many Americans want — and know that Clinton will not deliver on. Hopefully Trump’s message continues to gain support with all voters.

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