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Race baiter Obama doesn’t know true motive of Dallas shooter

President Barack Obama, who rushed to paint the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of police as racially motivated, despite a lack of evidence, refused to do the same for the murder of five police officers in Dallas, despite an overabundance of evidence.

“I think it’s very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter,” he said during a speech in Poland on Saturday, according to Breitbart. “As we’ve seen, in a whole range of incidents with mass shooters, they are, by definition, troubled. By definition, if you shoot people who pose no threat to you, strangers, you have a troubled mind.”

So let me get this straight. When police officers, one of them not even white, fatally shoot suspects during heated altercations out on the streets, the motivation indubitably lies with anti-black racism. But when a known racist who admitted he “wanted to kill white people” guns down five police officers, suddenly it becomes impossible to “untangle” his motives?

Dallas shooter Micah Xavier Johnson’s motives were clearer than glass. In fact, according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown, Micah X. readily expressed his racial hatred for whites and white police officers to hostage negotiators.

Don’t believe me? Then listen to Brown for yourself below:

Yet according to the all-knowing, all-wise Barack Hussein Obama, Micah X’s motives remain unclear. Wow. Just wow.

When two men died at the hands of the police, Obama practically indicted every police officer in America without any facts or evidence to back up his claims. But even with evidence at his disposal, he still adamantly refuses to admit the obvious truth about Micah X.

As delusional as Obama appears to be, it feels that if a conservative called the sky blue, Obama would immediately retort, “No, it’s red.”

Except that it’s blue, stupid …

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