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DNC Chairwoman: Clinton Donors Paying for Access Is ‘Normal’

by Patrick Howley

Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairwoman Donna Brazile said that we as a nation “criminalize behavior that is normal” by questioning why Clinton Foundation donors were given special access to Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Clinton’s pay-for-play scandal is heating up and dogging her candidacy. When Clinton’s right-hand DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz got canned at the convention in Philadelphia during the Wikileaks scandal, cable news talking head Brazile was elevated to interim chairwoman.

Brazile is getting off to a rough start.

“First of all, Martha, the way I look at it, I’ve been a government official. So, you know, this notion that, somehow or another, someone who is a supporter, someone who is a donor, somebody who’s an activist, saying I want access, I want to come into a room and I want to meet people, we often criminalize behavior that is normal. And it’s, I don’t, I don’t see what the smoke is,” Brazile said this week This Week with Martha Raddatz on ABC.

Clinton aide Huma Abedin was involved in providing favors to the Clinton Foundation while working for the State Department. Clinton aide Cheryl Mills did assignments for the Clinton Foundation while serving at the Department of State.

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