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Teaching our Own Children – Liberal Trolls

Socialists, Obama Don’t Want Parents Raising Their Kids – They Belong To The State And In State Custody
Does your child belong to state?
Why parents have no ‘legal right’ to call shots on raising own kids

It takes a village idiot

It takes a village to raise a child. The village is Washington. You are the child. There, I’ve spared you from reading the worst book to come out of the Clinton administration since- let’s be fair-the last one. Nearly everything about It Takes a Village is objectionable, from the title to the acknowledgments page

It does not take a village to raise a child. It takes a nurturing family. Period.

I am distressed by this latest rhetoric that implies that a family is incapable of taking care of its own. Who thinks this stuff up – the village idiot? “Hmmm, let’s see…maybe if we use an old African proverb in a catch-phrase we can convince people to subscribe to our agenda: the government should raise, educate and maintain all children.” Excuse me. The “village” should not be responsible for us or for our children from cradle to grave. Just because some people – for a thousand different reasons – are not able to properly provide for their children doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be condemned to institutionalizing and warehousing our kids

Liberal Trolls


You already know this, I’m sure. If you’re a conservative, you are automatically a racist, sexist, knuckle-dragging homophobe who wants to drag women by their hair back to the 1950’s. You are also a sexually repressed, uncaring, throw-grandma-off-the-cliff, self-loathing hypocrite. To an LT, this is a given from the start, so it’s better to beat them to the punch. The first time they let loose with one of these names, admit to them all. It may go something like this:

Disturbing: Inside The Mind Of A Liberal Troll

As a Conservative columnist on the internet, I get my share of Liberal Trolls. They just seem to come out of the woodwork, as if they have some sort of ant-like antennae that tingles when a Conservative is using facts, analysis, and insight to put the Progressive ideology to shame. Then they swarm, using ad hominem attacks and cries of “It’s Bush’s fault!” as if that shields their leaders from taking any blame for their actions.

I have tried to discover what makes a Liberal Troll tick. Or more appropriately – what makes a Liberal Troll like a tick. My conclusions will haunt you.
Alberta NDP and Carbon Tax

Alberta NDP hides impact of carbon tax behind a curtain of secrecy

How secretive is the NDP government about the economic impact of Alberta’s new carbon tax?

You’d have better luck getting Donald Trump’s tax returns.

The NDP has refused for months to release any study showing the economic impacts of the new tax — things like how many provincial jobs will be lost or gained, whether GDP will go up or down, the question of oil exports thriving or diving.

Premier Rachel Notley deflected or derided dozens of opposition questions in the legislature. She and her ministers implied that even asking such vile questions denies the reality of climate change.

Canada’s carbon pricing is a fraud

Since the Paris climate agreement is a fraud, it’s only fitting that the looming carbon pricing schemes of Canada’s federal and provincial governments are fraudulent as well.

The reason they are fraudulent is that, with the exception of B.C.’s carbon tax, none are revenue neutral.

Any carbon pricing scheme that is not revenue neutral does not have as its primary purpose lowering greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change.

Rather, it’s a cash grab by financially incompetent governments.

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