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BC Socialists Run Amok

Wills Variation Act

English common law, developed by the English judges over the centuries, provided that when a person died, that person could leave his or her property to whomsoever he or she wished.

This complete freedom to dispose of one’s estate is known as “testamentary autonomy ” or “testamentary freedom”. This legal doctrine was developed by the English courts during a time (1700-1900) when little property was actually disposed of by will.

In British Columbia, however, such wills would be open to challenge under the provisions of our Wills Variation Act as being unfair and in breach of our contemporary community standards.

BC Gun Amnesty?

I’ve always considered myself a law-abiding citizen and gun owner.

However, I am now classified as a political activist or a person awaiting trial. That is the definition of the province’s weapons amnesty.
Why, as a law-abiding gun owner, does the government need to grant me amnesty? I haven’t done anything wrong.

If I wish to turn in a firearm, I can do that at any time. Why someone would want to do this is beyond me — and especially with no remuneration. Wouldn’t you rather take them to your local gun shop and receive something for them, knowing full well they will continue to be enjoyed for years to come?
I wonder how many people would take their personal valuable private property and just give it away. As a gun owner, I can think of nothing worse than having my firearms destroyed.

Legal gun owners in RCMP’s crosshairs — with CBC’s help

During the election, the Liberals promised to give unelected, unaccountable police, not politicians, the power to determine which firearms are allowed for public use in Canada.

That made the Mounties happy because they don’t like civilians owning guns and seem to do all they can to thwart law abiding gun owners.

Their latest move, detailed in a glowing CBC story, is to make a list of guns that should be banned or reclassified.

They want to change the classification of certain semi-automatic firearms which they argue could be modified to become almost like an automatic rifle. Automatic rifles are already effectively banned for civilian use. I’ve fired them during military training. They’re fun but aren’t what hunters and target shooters use.

It’s also illegal to convert a semi-automatic to an automatic in Canada. Do that and you’ll go to jail.

This is a solution in search of a problem.

BC Tenancy Act

It generally means notice of at least 2 full calendar months plus 1 day.
Section 50 lays out that the tenant can take the landlord’s notice and elect to move out earlier than the 2 months, and get money back for the period of time he’s paid for but chooses not to live there – plus a month’s rent money. The authority for this is found in section 50(3) which says “A notice under this section does not affect the tenant’s right to compensation under section 51 [tenant’s compensation: section 49 notice].” This effectively means the landlord has to fork over compensation in “an amount that is equivalent to one month’s rent payable under the tenancy agreement”, as is directed in section 51.

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