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Democrat Strategist Wonders if Hillary Will ‘Sound Human’ with Enough Practice

by Warner Todd Huston

As Hillary’s campaign team discussed the damage that news about her private email server was doing to her image, one Democrat strategist insisted that she should give as many interviews as possible so that, with practice, she would eventually “sound like a human.”

The jab came from Democrat strategist and president of the Center for American Progress (CAP), Neera Tanden, who was participating in an August 2015 email discussion of Hillary’s massive private email scandal.

Tanden was attempting to urge a then reluctant Hillary to admit that conducting State Department business on the private email server hidden in her New York home was a “mistake.” Apparently Tanden thought if Hillary made this clim it would make her seem less stubborn and out of touch.

The highly placed Democrat operative also insisted that if Hillary made the admission enough times in interviews she would “eventually… sound like a human” to voters.

“I read what she said today. She’s actually moving,” Tanden wrote in the email to Hillary campaign chief John Podesta. “It seems to me that if directly asked whether it was a mistake she may actually say it was. She often says she absolutely won’t do something and then does it. Not always but often. I would advise to stay at her and schedule multiple interviews soon! Lock her in. Eventually she will sound like a human.”

It wasn’t long until Clinton did insist that setting up a private email server was a “mistake.”

But others have repeatedly noted that going to the effort of setting up a private server, using it for years, and eventually trying to wipe it of government records is far more than a mere “mistake,” and more of a concerted effort to hide information from both the government and the American people.

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