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DISGRACEFUL: Obama’s Staff Takes Back Photo Op From Donald and Melania When They Visit WH

A photo with the president-elect and the current president is a traditional, classy component of the general election aftermath, especially when those two individuals are of different political parties. It symbolizes that, at the end of the day, we’re all on the same side.

According to The Wall Street Journal, however, President Barack Obama cancelled his photo-op with President-elect Donald Trump during his visit to the White House Thursday.

It is no secret that Obama is not on the Trump Train: Trump’s platform is very different than Obama’s was, and it is likely he will destroy Obama’s legacy. However, it was still pretty tacky.

In spite of that, Trump said that he believed the meeting with Obama went well, according to The Journal.

“We discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficulties,” said Trump. “I very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel.”

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Believe it or not, even Obama seemed pleased with the interaction.

“I have been very encouraged by the interest by President-elect Trump’s wanting to work with my team around many of the issues that this great country faces,” Obama said. “I believe that it is important for all regardless of party and regardless of political preferences to now come together.”

Obama has declared that his objective right now is “to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful.”

Hopefully he means it, and the cancelled photo-op was just a fluke. Either way — bad form.

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