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‘Mosque’ Spray Painted On Outhouse In Jasper National Park, ‘Not Very Canadian’

Via INews880:

Tyler Johnstone, 28, was driving on Highway 16 through Jasper National Park on Wednesday when he spotted the word “mosque” spray painted in bright yellow on the side of an outhouse in a rest area.

He drove past the vandalism, but what he saw bothered him too much to ignore it.

“I drove past it and I drove for about five minutes and thought about it and I had to turn around and come back. It’s just disgusting,” he said in a video posted to Facebook on Wednesday morning.

“Whoever wrote that… you should be disgraced. You deserve to be at the bottom of that toilet. I’m not going to let your stupidity be seen by anybody driving by.”

He said the the implication of the outdoor bathroom being a place of worship gave him a sick feeling.

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