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NDP votes to take ‘socialism’ out of party constitution

The NDP voted Sunday to take references to socialism out of the party’s constitution, a controversial move to modernize that the party had to set aside two years ago.

Delegates voted 960 to 188 in favour of the change. The result was met with cheers of “NDP! NDP!”

The move was supported by popular former leader Jack Layton, who died shortly after leading the party to its best-ever federal election result in 2011. Layton felt the party needed to modernize the preamble in order to appeal to more Canadians.

The new preamble to the constitution would be longer and refers to the party’s history as the CCF, as well as a role for government “in helping to create the conditions for sustainable prosperity.”


The NDP should stay true to its socialist roots

Removing any reference to socialism from the NDP’s constitution would be wrong both tactically and in principle.

The existing preamble couldn’t be clearer. It says that “social, economic, and political progress of Canada can be assured only by the application of democratic socialist principles to government and the administration of public affairs.” It then goes on to define these principles with three simple rules: production should be organized for need not profit, there should be economic and social planning and “toward these ends and where necessary the extension of the principle of social ownership.”

The newly proposed preamble is more than twice as long, but says much less. Trying to prevent another floor rebellion a la Vancouver, it offers lip service to the party’s traditions, mentioning the NDP’s association with “social democrat and democratic socialist parties.” When it comes to detailing actual policies, it says the party believes in a “rules based economy” where “governments have the power to address the limitations of the market” but, unlike the previous preamble, doesn’t specify in what fashion and to what goal. Gone are all the references to the principle of social ownership of resources. It thus accepts the primacy of the market precisely at a time when the capitalist system is facing a global crisis. Most shockingly, it erases the commitment to the “abolition of poverty.”


Liberals may be losing death grip on Toronto

Is Toronto — ground zero for latte-sipping elitists and the Liberal machine — poised to paint itself Tory blue in the next provincial race?

A Forum poll, released exclusively to the Toronto Sun, shows that the Progressive Conservative lead in Toronto over the Kathleen Wynne-led Liberals has jumped four percentage points in the last month — with 36% of those polled saying they’d vote Tory in the 2018 election, compared to 31% for the Grits.

The poll of 966 Toronto voters — from March 8-10 — shows the PC tide prevails despite Wynne’s attempts to buy back support with her March 1 promise to lower Hydro rates by 25%.


Canadians need To Be more patriotic

It’s Time For A Canadian Patriotic Movement

Rethinking the political status quo

The ongoing failure of the global elites – who Justin Trudeau so willingly serves at our expense– opens up a possibility for a challenge to the status quo in Canada. We have the opportunity for a new Canadian Patriotic Movement to reshape the entire political landscape.

This movement would be focused on returning Canada back to the Canadian people, and empowering individuals, families, and local communities.

The Conservatives are the party best positioned to seize that opportunity, but doing so will require a different way of thinking.

To both regain power and use it effectively, the Conservatives cannot simply offer to tinker around the edges of the economy and government. Big changes are required.


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