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Discarded Veils Lay Strewn Throughout Route as Women Flee ISIS “Capital”

As the women who have been oppressed by the savages in the Islamic State group leave the grasp of Islamofascism behind, they’re leaving something else behind, too: Their burqas.

A report from Agence France-Presse describes how numerous “black veils dotted a freshly laid sand berm in northern Syria, ditched by women fleeing the Islamic State group’s bastion of Raqqa as U.S.-backed fighters close in.”

The Islamic State group has mandated the hated burqas for all women in the territories that it’s controlled. Nowhere has their grip over everyday life been more evident than in Raqqa, the Syrian city that has served as the de facto capital for the terrorist group.

Along with Mosul in Iraq, Raqqa remains one of the last strongholds of the Islamic State. A major offensive to retake the city by U.S.-backed forces is well underway.

That’s given many of the women of Raqqa a chance to escape the group’s clutches and leave behind the veil once and for all.

“Most of the women tear off their robes and burqas as soon as they arrive at our positions,” a fighter with the Syrian Democratic Forces told AFP.

“Some of the women stomp on the robes because they finally feel safe and are finished with Daesh,” he added, Arabic acronym for the barbaric Islamic State group.

However, safety is a very elusive thing in war-torn Syria.

“IS is using the civilians as human shields to protect itself,” one man said, according to AFP. “We fled as part of a group two days ago, and an IS sniper shot and killed two of us.”

When the Islamic State group hasn’t brought death, it’s brought oppression like the burqa. One hopes both can be discarded as easily as these veils, but I doubt it.

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