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Montreal’s first adult daycare set to open

Thursday will be the opening day of Montreal’s first adult daycare, and possibly the first one in Canada. It’s the brainchild of the Turner family called iChild.

The daycare is in the basement of an east-end walk-up. Co-founder James Turner said it isn’t aimed at people looking to party on a Friday night — there are rules prohibiting alcohol, drugs or sex inside.

Its main focus is corporate clients — such as accounting firms or people in the financial sector, who need a way to blow off stress.

The games and activities in the daycare are designed for team-building.

“Typically the more boring your job is, the more you will benefit from this,” Turner said. “Accountants, the tech sector — those are the people who really enjoy this.”

Six-hour sessions typically will cost $80 on weekdays and $120 on weekends, Turner said. Part of the experience includes juvenile comfort food like mac and cheese. 

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