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Black Activists Beg POTUS Trump to “Make Chicago Great Again” – Save People From Democrat Carnage



Black Activists Call on President Trump to Make Chicago Great Again 

The taxpayer-funded installation of a giant, gold-lettered “#RealFake” sculpture, placed by Chicago just opposite Trump Tower, serves as the backdrop for a cutting short film, “Chicago Carnage,” from RebelPundit filmmakers Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus featuring community organizers Paul McKinley and Mark Carter.

Via Rebel Pundit.

An infantile attempt by the Chicago machine to give the middle finger to President Trump, the installation instead broadcasts the priorities of the Democrat city officials, who selected both the sculpture and its location. While the #RealFake sculpture has served as a convenient gathering point for anti-Trump selfies, Antifa and Socialist marches, and tourist group photos flipping off the Trump Tower sign, not all residents found the city’s move “cute,” as documented in “Chicago Carnage.

“It is ironic that this sign would show up right here, and not in front of City Hall,” Paul McKinley fumes. Its placement is a “great deception…” to distract people from “real issues.”

 The irony of the city spending money to install Trump hate while their neighborhoods are overrun with real poverty, drugs, and murder, is personal for these community organizers. In the film, both McKinley and fellow organizer Carter blast the “social engineering” of the “liberal agenda,” evident within a few short miles of the infantile sculpture.

“They are not trying to resolve the problems in this city, they need things to happen exactly the way they are happening….The fake news is that this city is a city for everyone….This is a city for the elite,” says Carter. He goes on to slam the city for looking like “a bomb has been dropped,” and looking “like a third-world country.”

“They want you to be focused on Donald Trump being the problem,” said Carter in the film; to which McKinley added, “why are we all messed up — Trump just got in there….Every day of the week there is a body count, 30 people shot up, 40 people shot up, that’s not ‘real fake,’”

“There is nothing fake about this guy [President Trump],” said Carter, “he tells you what he’s about. The fake is Barack Obama, the fake is Bill Clinton….They want you to believe that there is some white racist Republicans or some white racist conservative doing this. No, this is the Democrat machine; these are white and black racist Democrats that are doing this to us.

“And if Donald Trump wants to come here and get the real answers, come here and talk to the real people, and we’ll show you how things are working in this city,” Carter adds.

“If he can do that,” says McKinley, “he can make Chicago great again.”

“Documenting the reactions of real, grassroots community organizers from Chicago in front of this liberal, elitist installation, could not show more clearly the divide between the fake armchair social engineers of the Democrat party and the real fighters for the community,” said “Chicago Carnage” producer Jeremy Segal. “The city erected a monument to their hypocrisy and abandonment of the poorest residents they’ve been pimping out for their agenda.”’s Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus are documentary filmmakers who report nationwide from the epicenter of the Belly of the Beast, Chicago. They specialize in in-depth coverage of mass revolutionary movements and are available to comment on their recent coverage of events surrounding the #RealFake sculpture as well as general mass-movement tactics, organization, and violence.

The RebelPundit-produced three-minute short.

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