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Footprint Found in Stone Stumps Scientists When They See the Size of It

A footprint of unusual size discovered in stone has led many people to believe that the theory that giants once walked the earth could be true.

A group of photographers made the discovery in August last year, according to Chinese news outlet Sina.

The print may date back to ancient times, the agency reported.

The U.K. Express reported that the footprint was 57 centimeters (about 22.5 inches) long, 20 centimeters (almost 8 inches) wide and 3 (about an inch) deep. According to the Express, one way to determine the height and weight of a footprint was to multiply the length of the foot by seven. From this calculation, the creature that made the footprint was just over 13 feet tall.

That amounts to a pretty big guy, or gal.

While many believe the footprint is evidence that giant humanoid creatures walked the earth, experts have determined nothing conclusive from the discovery.

Chinese paleontologists have also recently announced that they discovered a group of dinosaur footprints that are nearly 100 million year old in southeastern China’s Zhejiang Province, XianhuaNet reported. The prints were originally discovered in 2007, and archaeologists have reportedly been studying them ever since.

Deputy curator of the Zhejiang Museum of Natural History Jin Xingsheng said that experts believed the prints belonged to theropods, sauropods, pterosaurs and other dinosaurs.

Fossilized footprints are fascinating and have been the subject of many conversations. From the footprints of giant prehistoric creatures to those of ancient humans, there is no shortage of speculation about what these kinds of discoveries mean.

Archeologists are constantly uncovering items that provide clues about our history and give us a greater understanding of what earth may have been like untold ages ago.

As for this particular human-like footprint, the jury is still out, but there are ancient mysteries that still remain to be solved.


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