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Counter Terrorism Training – BC NDP Socialists

C.R.I. – Counter Terrorism Training School offers the most comprehensive instruction to military, law enforcement, dignitary protection, private security, civilians, professional bodyguards and federal agencies in the Israeli method of training for combat and peace keeping situations. The Israeli method of training offers a special and unique knowledge of countering terrorism, guerrilla warfare and crime. CRI’s sole purpose is to provide the most tactically realistic training as possible. We understand that, when our trainees leave our school, they may only have one chance to “get it right” in a hostile situation.


Is the May 9, 2017 provincial election, which marked the first minority government in BC since 1952, with seat numbers of 43 for the BC Liberals, 41 for the NDP and three for the Green Party, the big BC shift? With 44 seats required to form the slimmest majority government in BC, the Green Party was handed the balance of power with three seats. With Andrew Weaver’s Green Party agreeing to support John Horgan and the NDP, their alliance has a single seat advantage in the legislature over Christy Clark and the BC Liberals. If a BC Liberal MLA is successfully wooed to be an independent speaker, then the keys to the premier’s office will have been handed to John Horgan. This election, the rise of the Green Party and the subsequent drama represent a dramatic and possibly permanent change in the traditional political landscape of the province.


Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps

The permit maps below will show you which states you can carry concealed in as well as which state’s permits are honored in a particular state. If you have a concealed carry permit and want to know which state you can carry in use the default map “States That Honor My Permit(s). If you want to know which state’s permits are honored in a particular state, click on the “Permits Honored By State” tab. If you need help with these maps or what reciprocity means, click here to view our detailed explanation below.

States That Honor My Permit(s)

Permits Honored By State

Select all states that you have a permit in to see all states you permit(s) are honored. You will be asked if your permit is a Resident or Non-Resident permit. To deselect states, just click them again.


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