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Grandfather Orders Non-Menu Item from Chick-Fil-A…Ends Up Saving His Life

Over the past week, there have been hundreds, maybe even thousands, of stories of people being rescued from the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

From news crews saving people stranded in their cars, to officers risking it all to help children, to random citizens forming human chains to save people caught in rushing water, Texans have shown the world what it really means to be an American.

A unique rescue story that has come from Texas involved a Chick-fil-A restaurant. Karen and J.C. Spencer found themselves caught in their home with the water rising, so they called out for help from their local Chick-fil-A, Breitbart reported.

In an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” J.C. Spencer explained that he called into Chick-fil-A to order some food, and a rescue party.

“We had to get out of there so I called Chick-fil-A, now that sounds kind of funny,” Spencer explained. “I ordered two grilled chicken burritos with extra egg and a boat. And can you believe that one of the managers of Chick-fil-A, she sent her husband to pick us up and we are so grateful.”

While a boat isn’t exactly an item on Chick-fil-A’s menu, sure enough the restaurant manager’s husband showed up with a boat to help the couple evacuate from their home.

The Spencers loaded their possessions (at least what they could fit) onto the boat, but they didn’t have much room left for themselves. Luckily, a few people on jet skies also showed up to help carry the couple to safety.

“Karen jumped on the back of a Jet Ski and I jumped on the back of another one and they evacuated us to higher ground,” he explained.

Harvey really has shown the best that America has to offer. When faced with unimaginable devastation, Americans all across Texas, and quite frankly all across the country, have pitched in to help rescue people who were caught in Harvey’s devastation.

Sadly, many people have lost their lives from the hurricane, but the death toll could have been much higher were it not for the countless Americans who pitched in to save lives and help out when help was needed most.

That’s what America is all about.

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